Title Number Five For Russell

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Fifteen years after winning his first Tasmanian Street Stock Title at Hobart, Troy Russell won his fifth State Title, again at the Solo Hobart Speedway on Saturday night.

On a highly competitive night of racing only Corey Bauld won win more than one of the nine qualifying heats, which would see the 2015 Champion and last years runner-up, start on the front row with Ben Riley, while Steven Harvey and Ian McGuinness would start on the second row.

Bauld would lead early, with Harvey moving to second in a spectacular opening to the race. It would not start well Mark Jennings or Matt Hammond, with neither of them completing the first lap.

A small opening on lap five saw Harvey drop to fourth as Riley and Russell moved to second and third respectively, staying in touch with Bauld.

At the half way mark the challenges started to come thick and fast, with Russell and Harvey moving to second and third respectively at the expense of Ben Riley, and three laps later, Russell would ascend to the lead, leaving Bauld in second and Harvey third.

In the concluding stages Russell started to move away from the field, while Bauld and Russell fought out the minor placings with Ben Riley well clear of fifth placed Brad McClure.

Russell would cross the line 3.298 seconds clear of Bauld and Russell, to claim his fifth title, his first in ten years. For Bauld it would be his fourth successive time on the podium and for Harvey it was his first Street Stock podium.

A Main, 30 Laps: 1. T5 Troy Russell, 2. T77 Corey Bauld, 3. T4 Steven Harvey, 4. T24 Ben Riley, 5. T74 Brad McClure, 6. T2 Jarrod Rogers, 7. T92 Steve Russell, 8. T44 Dale Riley Jnr, 9. T35 Matt Atkinson (29 laps), 10. T36 Stuart Spencer (29), 11. T68 Mark Riley (29), 12. T78 Matt Crawford (29), 13. T15 Daniel Cunningham (29), 14. T61 Jarrod Beasley (28). DNF: 15. T7 Corey Jetson (24), 16. T46 Brendon Green (23), 17. T34 Ian McGuinness (19), 18. T18 Craig Weaver (16), 19. T3 Matt Hammond (0), 20. T38 Mark Jennings (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 3.298, Fastest Lap: 17.571 T77 Corey Bauld

Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography