by | Apr 14, 2024 | SA, SSA Junior Sedans

Official Release Sunday 14th April 2024.

River Paterson has won the South Australian Junior Sedan Title at Murray Bridge Speedway last night, making this the Third State Title he was won this season, after the Victorian and Tasmanian State Titles – a remarkable effort!

Official Result of the 2023/2024 SSA Junior Sedan South Australian State Title

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. AX47 River Paterson, 2. P12 Cruz Carlin, 3. NW51 Jackson Gordon, 4. MDA12 Ryan Burns, 5. P5 Flynn Annett, 6. GFT86 Brock Stubbs, 7. MDA52 Declan Bolitho, 8. NT21 Jacob Foley, 9. S31 Jayden Garner, 10. MDA32 Diesel Fallon, 11. S91 Henry Brumfield, 12. GFT43 Jackson Bailey, DNF T25 Emilie Williams, DQ NT81 Jessica Foley, DNF S6 Lachclan Brown, NT51 Jamie Jones, S56 Ollie Bartlett, AX23 Tamika Simpson, GFT36 Indi Butcher, C2 Jayden Hancock.