by | Jul 21, 2021 | SSA Street Stocks

Press Release by Team Australia

From the very beginning, Team Australia set out to find competitors who embody the very essence of what Australian Speedway is about.

Drivers who showcase versatility across different classes, compete at a number of tracks throughout their region, and most importantly, are in it for the pure love of the sport.

With over 130 quality applicants so far, Team Australia selectors have begun the process of interviewing and reviewing each and every competitor to see who meets our strict criteria.

From there, competitors will get the opportunity to further impress selectors by competing in individual Stockcar events, with the stand-out performers making the final 12 to take on Team New Zealand in January.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce Shepperton’s Felicity Roycroft is our first selection to compete for Team Australia in 2022.

Felicity is one of Victoria’s most prolific competitors, representing Speedway Wangaratta throughout her home state and beyond, in both Speedway Sedans Australia Street Stock’s, together with a host of other local divisions.

Felicity impressed Team Australia selectors through her adaptability to a variety of cars and divisions, her tenacity and dedication to a fitness and training regime together with her in depth knowledge of New Zealand Stockcar racing, gathered through research and relationships built online in preparation for her application and interview.

Congratulations Felicity Roycroft, Team Australia #5 for season 2021/22.