Russell Is The Ironman

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Troy Russell has won a thrilling Street Stock Ironman on Saturday night at the Gulf Western and Independent Oils Raceway, Latrobe, coming from the ninth row of the grid to win on the last lap.

The race which sees the top qualifies start at the back on the field, Russell took the lead on the final lap, downing Steven Harvey and Corey Bauld.

Shaun Atkinson and Steven Maine would start on the front row for the forty lap A Main, but it would be Luke Williams from the third row who would lead the early laps, with Damien Hall moving to second, while Atkinson would drop to third.

Steven Harvey made a rapid ascension towards the front of the field, moving to third on lap six and by lap ten, Harvey had already made his way into second place.

In a great race with multiple positional changes, John Riley joined the battle, moving to fourth place and at the half way mark, moved to third at the expense of Hall.

Steven Harvey had moved to the lead as Luke Williams retired, as Riley continued his move forward, taking second place.

Meanwhile Russell and Bauld, had systematically made their way through the field moving to second and third respectively on lap twenty six.

This would set up a thrilling final ten laps between Harvey, Russell and Bauld, with nothing separating the trio, with Russell making a last lap pass on Harvey to take the win, with just 0.523 separating the three as they crossed the line.

Damien Hall would hold on to fourth place, just ahead of Dale Riley Jnr and John Riley.

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Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. T2 Jarrod Rogers, 2. T77 Corey Bauld, 3. T35 Matt Atkinson, 4. T92 Steve Russell, 5. T72 Steven Pyne, 6. T5 Troy Russell, 7. T57 Brad Thompson, 8. T7 Corey Jetson, 9. T58 Warrick Lee (9 laps). Time: 3.40.533, Winning Margin: 4.358, Fastest Lap: 21.626 T2 Jarrod Rogers

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. T23 Nathan Russell, 2. T28 Dale Riley Jnr, 3. T88 Matt Templar, 4. T85 Brett Henri, 5. T44 John Riley, 6. T24 Ben Riley, 7. T8 Charlie Ivory, 8. T39 Shaun Atkinson (9 laps), 9. T98 David Summers (9), 10. T32 Terri Farrell (9). Time: 3.29.818, Winning Margin: 4.843, Fastest Lap: 20.112 T23 Nathan Russell

Heat 3, 10 Laps: 1. T11 Matt Crawford, 2. T78 Mitch Allison, 3. T25 Damien Hall, 4. T9 Luke Williams, 5. T15 Daniel Cunningham, 6. T69 Steven Maine, 7. T4 Steven Harvey, 8. T33 Brad Farrell, 9. T86 Tyson Kenny (8). Time: 3.13.055, Winning Margin: 6.847, Fastest Lap: 18.708 T11 Matt Crawford

Heat 4, 10 Laps: 1. T5 Troy Russell, 2. T7 Corey Jetson, 3. T77 Corey Bauld, 4. T65 Trent Austin (7 laps), 5. T35 Matt Atkinson (5), 6. T58 Warrick Lee (5), 7. T57 Brad Thompson (5), 8. T2 Jarrod Rogers (4), 9. T72 Steven Pyne (4), 10. T92 Steven Russell. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 5.477, Fastest Lap: 18.077 T5 Troy Russell

Heat 5, 10 Laps: 1. T24 Ben Riley, 2. T44 John Riley, 3. T28 Dale Riley Jnr, 4. T23 Nathan Russell, 5. T39 Shaun Atkinson, 6. T88 Matt Templar, 7. T8 Charlie Ivory, 8. T32 Terri Farrell (9 laps). Time: 3.33.468, Winning Margin: 6.227, Fastest Lap: 19.909 T24 Ben Riley

Heat 6, 10 Laps: 1. T9 Luke Williams, 2. T33 Brad Farrell, 3. T4 Steven Harvey, 4. T11 Matt Crawford, 5. T69 Steven Maine, 6. T15 Daniel Cunningham, 7. T78 Mitch Allison, 8. T25 Damien Hall, 9. T86 Tyson (8 laps). Time: 3.20.213, Winning Margin: 0.347, Fastest Lap: 19.260 T15 Daniel Cunningham

Feature Race, 40 Laps: 1. T5 Troy Russell, 2. T4 Steven Harvey, 3. T77 Corey Bauld, 4. T25 Damien Hall, 5. T28 Dale Riley Jnr, 6. T44 John Riley, 7. T92 Steven Russell, 8. T15 Daniel Cunningham (39 laps), 9. T69 Steven Maine (38), 10. T11 Matt Crawford (33), 11. T88 Mat Templar (29), 12. T2 Jarrod Rogers (22), 13. T9 Luke Williams (22), 14. T33 Brad Farrell (22), 15. T24 Ben Riley (21), 16. T78 Mitch Allison (20), 17. T39 Shaun Atkinson (10), 18. T23 Nathan Russell (9), 19. T8 Charlie Ivory (9), 20. T65 Trent Austin (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.285, Fastest Lap: 17.383 T9 Luke Williams

Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography