by | Apr 15, 2023 | SSA Production Sedans

Official Release- Saturday 15th April 2023.2018 Western Australian Champion Barry Rose leads the point score after day one of the 2023 SSA National Production Sedan Title presented by Jolly Good In Car Audio and Entertainment which is being held at the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway this weekend.

Rose has one hundred points after the first day of competition at the daytime venue which was conducted before a great Saturday Afternoon crowd.

Busselton’s Kyle Sayer, Karratha’s Jack McAuley along with Queenslanders Joel Berkley and Richard Cook all had productive days to be inside the top five in the point standings by the end of the afternoon.

Eighty One Production Sedans contested the twenty four qualifying heats on day one with local Western Australian competitor Rowan Burrell claiming the Best Presented Car Award for the event.

A torrid opening heat race to the National Title saw just four cars complete the distance as Kyle Sayer defeated Aydan Trewern and New South Welshmen Wayne Bourke.

The second heat race was an absolutely brilliant affair as Gaje Price held off Drew Ogle, Kye Blight, Joel Berkley and Jake Blight as the five raced side by side at times around the Ellenbrook layout.

Barry Rose led all the way in heat three from Jordan McGinnis and Ethan Cooper before a dramatic heat four.

After contact with another car Josh Stewart would roll his Esperance Exhaust entry in the fourth heat before Peter Katona Jnr took the win from Frank Does and Ryan Mitchell.

Victorian Kye Walters was in the mix for a strong result in heat five before a flat right rear tyre put an end to his race on lap six.

Rod Musarra would hussle the outside of the racetrack on the final lap to take the win from Nuno Mendes and Josh Fraser.

Two Time National Champion Stephen Laidlaw held off Jack McAuley and Cody Blight in heat six before an incident plagued heat seven saw Geraldton’s Ashley Baker prevail.

Collie’s Jamie Graham moved from position five in the final heat of the opening round to take the win from Victorian Raymond Ussher with Benny Curtin officially third.

The second round got underway with a dominating performance from Queensland’s Richard Cook as he won by over five seconds from Ryan Mitchell and Michael Moltoni as Western Australian Champion Kye Blight limped home to take the win in heat ten.

Ellenbrook track champion Josh Fraser held off Kyle Sayer and Peter Katona in heat eleven as Cody Blight recorded a five second victory in heat twelve.

The RPM Race Products Holden Commodore of Mitch Killeen bounced back from a disappointing start to the National Title to win heat thirteen from Beau Riley and Jacky Moroney.

A pair of former National Champions in Joel Berkley and Stephen Laidlaw battled for supremacy in heat fourteen with the Queenslander prevailing with Nuno Mendes gallant in third.

Jack McAuley’s National Title got a major boost when he held off Barry Rose to claim heat fifteen as Albany’s Shane Devonshire crossed the line in third place.

The bottom side of the racetrack worked a treat for Jamie Graham to claim heat sixteen to become the first driver in the event to claim two heat wins as the second round came to a close.

Barry Rose’s strong run continued as the third round got away as the Mitsubishi Sigma won heat seventeen by over five seconds from Jayden McCuish and Shane Devonshire.Heat eighteen was the domain of Richard Cook as he collected the thirty six points from Hayden Norman and Hayden Thomas.

Ashley Baker did enough to win heat eighteen from the Ford Falcons of Tylar Main and Jake Avins as heat twenty produced a classic battle.

Rod Musarra led the race early before a flat tyre saw the Cranecorp Australia Holden Commodore head infield.

Joel Berkley went to the outside of the racetrack in the latter stages of the race to defeat Sayer and Katona.

Kingaroy’s Brett Barron dominated heat twenty one winning by over three seconds from Rowan Burrell and Ricky Williams.

Heat Twenty Two witnessed Jacky Moroney get the better of Jack McAuley to claim the win as Nuno Mendes came from position six to win heat twenty three.

Two Time Western Australian Champion Drew Ogle claimed the final race of the afternoon with Kye Blight and Aydan Trewern rounding out the top three.

Just one more round of heat racing is to be conducted on day two of the 2023 SSA National Production Sedan Title at the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway ahead of the finals.

Racing begins from 11am with live coverage available at Clay Per View.

Official Pointscore After Day One of the 2023 SSA National Production Sedan Title

1. W181 Barry Rose 100

2. WA95 Kyle Sayer 92

3. W96 Jack McAuley 92

4. Q2 Joel Berkley 89

5. Q15 Richard Cook 89

6. WB11 Ashley Baker 89

7. W13 Drew Ogle 87

8. W41 Kye Blight 87

9. W5 Josh Fraser 87

10. V30 Stephen Laidlaw 87

11. WC11 Nuno Mendes 87

12. W16 Peter Katona Jnr 82

13. W22 Jamie Graham 82

14. W12 Aydan Trewern 79

15. W78 Jacky Moroney 76

16. W4 Mitchell Killeen 66

17. WA9 Ryan Mitchell 64

18. W21 Rod Musarra 63

19. W51 Cody Blight 63

20. W15 Gaje Price 62

21. W3 Frank Does 59

22. W31 Kane McDiarmid 58

23. W92 Ricky Williams 57

24. N27 Wayne Bourke 53

25. W9 Mitchell Baker 53

26. W99 Benny Curtin 53

27. Q48 Brett Barron 52

28. WA6 Hayden Norman 49

29. W94 Michael Moltoni 48

30. WA27 Mike Kinnear 47

31. W43 Hayden Thomas 46

32. W333 Shane Dubberlin 46

33. W61 Jake Blight 45

34. W32 Jordan McGinnis 44

35. W7 Tylar Main 44

36. WC3 Kayne Dellar 44

37. V98 Raymond Ussher 44

38. WA11 Jake Avins 43

39. W58 Jayden McCuish 42

40. WB92 Shane Devonshire 42

41. WB13 Rowan Burrell 41

42. W95 Lachlan Dellar 40

43. W26 Gemma Laidlaw 40

44. W40 Beau Riley 37

45. WA13 Brad Mitchell 37

46. W86 Wayne Leviston 36

47. WB22 Luke Halliday 36

48. W14 Anthony Page 35

49. WA3 Kye Walters 34

50. W56 Ethan Cooper 33

51. W11 Josh Macalpine 33

52. WA22 Steve Schofield 33

53. W91 Sean Bowen 29

54. W29 Lindsay McAuley 29

55. W27 Jackson Derrick 28

56. WA12 Ryan Allan 26

57. W55 Murray Cleasby 25

58. W19 Josh Stewart 24

59. W25 Dwayne Meagher 24

60. WB3 Dave Herbert 22

61. V17 Colby Hammond 22

62. W17 Craig Lenane 21

63. W77 Craig Lawrence 21

64. V58 Brendan Harper 20

65. W24 Dean Davidson 19

66. WA77 Possum Lawrence 19

67. W2 Daniel Day 19

68. WA24 Rod Smith 19

69. W74 Bernie Matkovich 17

70. W8 Calon Ball 16

71. W72 Fish Telenta 15

72. W65 Keith Fitzgerald 15

73. W18 Lawson Mayes 13

74. WA92 Isaac Arnold 12

75. W23 Dylan Parkes 12

76. WA26 Robbie Trenaman 10

77. W28 Adam Arnold 10

78. WA41 Rickie Nuccini 5

79. W36 Joe Wilson 4

80. W23 Jayke Malcolm 0

81. V91 Dehne Sparrow 0