by | Apr 24, 2023 | NSW, SSA Super Sedans

Press Release Courtesy of Luke Nichols.

Matty Pascoe is New South Wales Champion for the second time in his career after taking a mammoth victory in the shortened title decider at Lismore Speedway.

Pascoe would start on the outside of the front row with local hope Hayden Brims who was victorious in both of his heat races.

Brims got the better of the start and jumped into the lead, from Pascoe, Tasmania’s David Nichols, Victoria’s Ash Bergmeier, and defending New South Wales Champion Steve Latham.

Latham made the first move of the race, taking fourth from Bergmeier on the second lap of the main event.

Latham would then apply the pressure on his fellow Tasmanian in Nichols, building the momentum up on the top of the track.

Latham took the position on lap five, before Nichols fought back on lap six.

Latham finally cleared Nichols on lap seven, and set out after the lead pair.Up front in heavy lap traffic Pascoe capitalised on a small slip up from Brims to take the lead on lap eleven.

The first caution came out shortly after as Dan Taylor made hard contact with the front straight wall ending his race.

The heavy track would also claim Latham under caution, who exited the race from third after his steering rack was jammed with clay.

Pascoe resumed the race in the lead, and set about building a lead over Brims and the rest of the chasing pack.

Pascoe was flawless in traffic and was able to drive away from Brims.Brims was having trouble clearing the lap car of Dion Bennett, which allowed Nichols to close the gap and join the battle for second.

Brims couldn’t clear Bennett on the top, leaving the bottom open for Nichols to storm through to second.

As the rain began to tumble Nichols also took a number of laps to clear Bennett before finally sneaking through with nine laps to run. Nichols moved to the outside of Mick Nicola Snr, and got caught on the outside allowing Tyson Moon through to second, who had started from seventh.

As the rain intensified, Nicola Snr would spin coming out of turn four leaving Moon with no where to go and causing heavy damage to the nose of the N47 Sweet Chassis.

The race would be called under caution six laps from home, as the rain was at the heaviest it had been for the whole weekend.

Pascoe at the time of the caution was an incredible fifteen seconds clear of his nearest competitor, which granted him the eighteenth title of his incredible career.Moon would hold on to second, with Nichols rounding out the podium in third. Bergmeier finished fourth, and Brad Pascoe would close out an all Sweet Chassis top five.

A huge amount of credit has to go to the Lismore Speedway team led by Mick and Kim Sauer.

The track had plenty of obstacles thrown at them across the weekend, and their perseverance shone through to get the show ran!

New South Wales Super Sedan Title Official Result

A Main – 34 laps1. A1 Matty Pascoe , 2. N47 Tyson Moon, 3. T3 David Nichols, 4. V16 Ash Bergmeier, 5. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 6. Q10 Steve Jordan, 7. N29 Zac Brims, 8. V23 Mick Nicola Jnr (33), 9. V3 Mick Nicola Snr (33), 10. N19 Dion Bennett (32), 11. Q6 Ty Pascoe (32), DNF N77 Hayden Brims (31), S18 Dave Gartner (16), N1 Steve Latham (11), Q48 JJ Hamilton (10), Q24 Daniel Taylor (9), Q13 Scott Taylor.