by | Jul 8, 2021 | NT, SSA Street Stocks

Image by Nakita Pollock Photography

For the first time since 2001 the SSA Street Stock Northern Territory Title will be decided at the Katherine Speedway, with thirty two competitors from around Australia converging on the venue located three hundred kilometres south of Darwin.

Official Practice will be held tomorrow night before an action packed night of racing on Saturday evening.

Former Northern Territory Champions Justin Brumfield & Mount Gambier’s Jason Duell are in the field along with current Queensland champion Matt Nelson who hails from Victoria.

Despite recent border closures Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria are all represented in the field taking on the local contingent.

Proceedings will commence from just after 4pm Saturday Night.

Nominations (32)

NT5 Justin Brumfield

V5 Felicity Roycroft

NT7 Colin Menzies

NT8 Shane Greening

NT11 Jake Koivumaki

V13 Dale Morrison

NT14 Michael Jones

NT15 Jack Yates

S18 Jason Duell

NT25 Ben Blatchford

NT26 Alan Spence

NT27 Geraldine Dickens

NT31 Kane Lloyd

Q37 Kenneth Carroll

NT44 Megan Henderson

NT45 Adam McDonald

NT53 Jack Thomsen

NT55 Scott Bradbury

NT56 Isaiah Strong

NT63 Jamie Yates

NT65 Bradley Shadforth

NT69 Samantha Radford

W72 Russell Gunn

NT74 Michelle Gill

NT75 Lucas Fry

V82 Shane Roycroft

Q83 John Roycroft

S91 Darren Brumfield

Q94 Samantha Killick

Q99 Peter Thompson

Q99 Gordon Midolo

NT99 Jayden Giezendanner