Norman & Blackburn The Big Winners in the Bay

by | Jun 14, 2020 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Modified Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

Author- Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Ben Norman & Kurtis Blackburn were the big winners yesterday afternoon at the Shark Bay Speedway in Western Australia as the sport witnessed racing for the first time in eighty five days.

The Oakley Earthworks SSA Street Stock Trophy Day headlined the race meeting with former Denham resident Ben Norman driving solidly over the twenty laps to claim victory.

Jace Kempton lead the opening four circulations before spinning and falling back through the field as did Wade Mason who brought on the yellow lights.

Kempton put on a great display of driving to work his way back into second place by race end with fellow Carnarvon pilot Leo Brooks rounding out the podium ahead of Greg Hewitt and Trent Lyall.

Ben Norman SSA Street Stock Feature Race Winner

Kurtis Blackburn made the long journey to Shark Bay worthwhile by defeating a great field of SSA Top Star Junior Sedans in what was his final race meeting as a Junior competitor.

Blackburn enjoyed a great final season in the class after finishing fourth in the 2019/2020 SSA National Junior Sedan Title held back in January at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway.

The Shark Bay Speedway Club will release further details regarding the 33rd Annual Far Western Championships scheduled for Saturday 11th July 2020 in the coming days.

Official Results

SSA Street Stocks Feature Race, Twenty Laps: 1. W66 Ben Norman, 2. W55 Jace Kempton, 3. W16 Leo Brooks, 4. W17 Greg Hewitt, 5. W27 Trent Lyall, 6. W88 Wade Mason, 7. W13 Shaun Burton, 8. W23 Matt Tavernit, DNF W31 Bryan Riddick (4), W77 Barry Mason (4)

SSA Top Star Junior Sedans Feature Race, Twelve Laps: 1. W17 Kurtis Blackburn, 2. W119 Josh Ahearn, 3. W117 Travis Strelley, 4. W71 Chayse Jackson, 5. W16 Alicia Short, 6. W13 Olivia Smith, 7. W44 Jaidyn Turner, 8. W19 Dakota Tesling, DNF W26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont (3)

SSA New Star Junior Sedans, Feature Race, Twelve Laps: 1. W47 Beau Morgan, 2. W72 Jacob Bell, 3. W67 Ella Ricetti, 4. W7 Haylee Strelley, 5. W77 Tayla Burton, 6. W9 Kaylee Francis

SSA Production Sedans Feature Race, Twelve Laps: 1. W11 Ashley Baker, 2. W4 Allan Harper, 3. W99 Benny Curtin, 4. W3 Dave Herbert, DNF W21 Tony Cotter (8)

SSA Modified Sedans Feature Race, Twelve Laps: 1. W47 Jarrod Rick, 2. W111 Glenn Harper, 3. W6 Kathryn Harper, DISQ W13 Mick Reynolds