by | Apr 19, 2024 | NSW, SSA Junior Sedans

The fifth ever staging of the SSA Junior Sedan New South Wales State Title will be conducted this Saturday Night at the Dubbo Speedway in the central part of the state.

Originally scheduled to be held at the ACT Speedway in early December, the rescheduled event makes it way to Dubbo to share the billing with the 2024 SSA Modified Sedan New South Wales State Title.

Queensland’s Jayden Hancock has been the runner up on two occasions in the New South Wales State Title with current triple state title holder River Paterson heading to Dubbo.

Four States are represented in the line up which will be live streamed courtesy of Clay Per View.

Nominations (24)

V1/S1/T1 River Paterson
Q2 Jayden Hancock
Q4 Braydon Storer
GFT10 Lawson Clarke
MDA12 Ryan Burns (VIC)
P12 Cruz Carlin (VIC)
Q19 Jackson Kunny
T25 Emilie Williams
N26 Ellie Wilson
N29 Marcus Moore
Q29 AJ Macdonald
GFT36 Indi Butcher
N37 Travis Dhu
RK37 Annabel Montgomerie
N43 Jackson Bailey
Q43 Reilly Storer
Q51 Khan Thoroughgood.
Q55 Sophie Santin
GFT 86 Brock Stubbs
N96 Benji Gordon
N97 Jackson Gordon
Q101 Alexander Nicolaysen
Dekoda Burnham QLD
Jake Synnott QLD