by | Apr 24, 2023 | SSA Street Stocks, VIC

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Victoria.

In a race that will long go down as one of the greatest finishes of all time with a three way race to the line, Dale Morrison would rein supreme with the narrowest of margins.

Matt Nelson headed into the main event defending his Victoria #1 mantle and did everything right to go about maintaining that place.

The title holder started the main event from pole position alongside Redline’s Mick Dann.

With 35 Gruelling laps setting the distance, Nelson settled quickly into the lead and began to make the race his own stretching the legs of the commodore out to a handy almost half lap lead.

Before disaster would strike and the powerless V1 would retire the campaign 15 laps in. Bunching the field up now behind Mick Dann as the new race leader with Dale Morrison who had been knocking at the door for the past few laps.

While this was going on at the front, Jayden Blomeley and Steven Watts were slowly but surely careering from the B Main up well inside top ten places.

Morris Ahearn set about charging forward after the restart going the long way round up high. Before the luck card yet again would have a big part to play in the main.

Ahearn retired the NY4 to the infield which would also soon see Steven Gartner joining him there.

Jason Duell added to the growing infield car count before incredibly another race leader had it clawed from them as Mick Dann retired to the lawn.

The race would continue faultlessly until around lap 30 while Jayden Blomeley was making his presence felt in the top five now jumping 15 spots.

This would prove too good too soon as Blomeley added to the stories developing infield.

5 laps set the distance to home with Nathan Thorne who had a badly worn down Magna that had a rear end letting go desperately but still had speed from the front wheel drive.

The top three then proceeded to trade blows and turn things on its head with the final run to the line.

Thorne held down the middle while Dale Morrison and Aj Lawrence split the difference and lined up either side of the Magna right to the line.

The nose of the Blue VF Commodore would emerge by the timing stripe on top by the narrowest of margins.

Thorne would hold on to second with AJ Lawrence crossing the line in third. Steven Watts ran home to fourth place incredibly after a big time drive from winning the B Main earlier in the night and transferring the hard way.

The ever present RDL27 of Jason Degoldi locked himself into fifth and put in the hard yards.

From there it was Peter Kinnear, Jayden Edwards, Dean Jenkins, David Barrie and Scott Secombe home across the line inside the top ten.

Nathan Russell and Shaun Henry crossed the line next before major contact with Brad Warren in the M84 and Rhys Meakins into the concrete on the last corner onto the main straight.

The race was instantly called to a red light situation as the medical team rushed to the scene to check on Warren and his Passenger Kellie in the car.

Meakins climbed from his AX85 A-Ok.

Kellie was able to exit the wrecked M84 under her own steam uninjured while the medical team worked on removing Warren from the car as safely as possible.

All while Brad was speaking with the officials and aiding the process.

Warren was transported via the ambulance and given the very best care while Western Speedway Hamilton applauded the work of the safety team and the two involved drivers and passenger.

Once the scene was cleared, Morrison was given the nod to do a slow lap of the chequers rather than the standard tyre fryer against the concrete we would usually see under different circumstances.

Dale Morrison will now hold the time honoured Victoria #1 on the door for the next 12 months in Street stock action.

Speedway Sedans Victoria will return to racing next weekend April 29 at Alexandra Speedway for the 2022/23 SSA Modified Sedan Title where Kye Walters will defend the Trophy and bragging rights.

Official Result

A Main, 35 Laps- 1. AX13 Dale Morrison, 2. S52 Nathan Thorne, 3. AX55 AJ Lawrence, 4. W55 Steve Watts, 5. RDL27 Jason DeGoldi, 6. W35 Peter Kinnear, 7. S87 Jayden Edwards, 8. RDL4 Dean Jenkins, 9. C83 David Barrie, 10. AX85 Rhys Meakins (34), 11. M84 Brad Warren (34), 12. T23 Nathan Russell (34), 13. RDL18 Scott Secombe (34), 14. B23 Shaun Henry (34), DNF B62 Jayden Blomeley (30), RDL23 Mick Dann (23), S18 Jason Duell (21), S32 Steve Gartner (17), NY4 Morris Ahearn (17).