by | Jan 15, 2024 | SSA Junior Sedans, WA

Official Release Monday 15th January 2024.

Seventy Seven Junior Sedans from every point of the country are set to converge on the Hession’s Auto Parts Grafton Speedway in New South Wales this week for the 2024 Ian Boettcher Race Parts SSA Inc National Junior Sedan Title.

In what will be twenty first edition of the event, every state and territory will represented with the exception of the ACT, in what will be a fantastic two nights of racing at the picturesque venue.

Current New South Wales and South Australian Champion Jaiden Santin along with Western Australia Champion Jake Leaman, Victorian Champion River Paterson and back to back Tasmanian Champion Nate Garwood are all entered.

Queensland’s Jayden Hancock finished fifth at Alexandra two years and has been in good form recently with a number of competitors who have been prominent in the class across the country the last twelve months all heading to Grafton.

The 2024 Ian Boettcher Race Parts SSA Inc National Junior Sedan Title begins with scrutineering, official practice and the welcome function on Thursday 18th January 2024 before the two nights of competition on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th January 2024.

Speedway Sedans Australia’s official live streaming partner Clay-Per-View will be the destination to see every lap of the event live.

Official Nominations (77)

Q2 Jayden Hancock
Q3 Chloe Lebeter
Q4 Braydon Storer
T5 Bevan Davis
V5 Matilda Farrell
W5 Jesse Hamon
Q6 Claire Vuichoud
Q7 Coen Herwig
QA7 Riley Killick
Q8 Abbey Peall
QA8 Braydon Steffens
V8 Pary Das
W08 Tyler Scott
V9 Max Leersen
NSW10 Lawson Clarke
Q10 Bailey Chandler
T10 Jadah Riley
V10 Breanna Simpson
W10 Mitch Binning
WA10 Kayde Anthony
NSW11 Lachlan Goldie
T11 Jayden Atkinson
W011 Charlie Scott
Q12 Brodie Hollyman
S12 Max Richter
W12 Jake Fisher
WA12 Sophie Amato
S13 Summer Gesell
V14 Jake Bradley
Q16 Preston Klee
V16 Blake Glynn
Q17 Cooper Reid
NSW18 Alisha Payne
Q18 Jackson Kunny
V18 Miller Throckmorton
NSW21 Hayden Fleming
NT21 Jacob Foley
W22 Zak Turner
V23 Tamika Simpson
T25 Emilie Williams
V25 Cruz Farrell
NSW26 Ellie Wilson
NSW29 Marcus Moore
Q29 AJ Macdonald
S31 Jayden Garner
NSW36 Indi Butcher
NSW37 Travis Dhu
NSW42 Levi Payne
NSW43 Jackson Bailey
NT43 River Spitzbarth
Q43 Reilly Storer
V47 River Paterson
NSW51 Jaiden Santin
NT51 Jamie Jones
Q51 Khan Thoroughgood
Q55 Sophie Santin
T57 Brookelyn Thompson
T65 Beau Ford
Q69 Jordan White
QA69 Damien Acres
W70 Jake Leaman
Q71 Riley Hutchison
T77 Nate Garwood
V77 Will Fallon
W78 Colby Bosley
NT81 Jessica Foley
W82 Mason Whitehead
NSW86 Brock Stubbs
NSW88 Sam Bodley
W88 Jacob Hill
S91 Henry Brumfield
NSW96 Benji Gordon
NSW97 Jackson Gordon
Q101 Alexander Nicolaysen
W606 Jackson Goodwin
W666 Sophie Goodwin