by | Apr 19, 2024 | SSA Production Sedans, VIC

Official Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Victoria.

Speedway Sedans Victoria have finalised the field for the 2024 SSA Production Sedan State Title to be held at Alexandra Speedway in the North East Region of the state on April 20.

In what will be the lead up to the National Title being held the following week at Timmis Speedway, Mildura, twenty entries have been received and the event is wide open with the absence of Brendan Harper who won the previous title at Wangaratta in late February of 2023.

Five different States are being represented by their drivers at this event.

New South Wales will be represented by Scott Hawkins and Wayne Bourke from Leeton, Jack Murphy from Queanbeyan near our Nation’s Capital and Jaiden Healey of Portland, NSW.

South Australia is represented by lone entry of Nathan Brackstone-Thorne of Callington, SA recently winning both the SSA Street Stock Victorian and National Titles both held in Victoria at Premier Speedway, Warrnambool and Western Speedway, Hamilton respectively.

Richard Cook of Ambrose and member of Gladstone Auto Club and Gemma Laidlaw of Western Australia both have the greatest distances to travel.

Racing will be conducted from 4pm on Saturday April 20 consisting of each team competing in three heats then a gruelling 35 lap final to decide the new Victorian Champion.

Watch every lap live courtesy of Clay Per View.

Official Nominations for the 2024 SSA Production Sedan Victorian State Title


L5 Scott Hawkins (NSW)

CR10 Trevor Mills (NSW)

GL15 Richard Cook (QLD)

WANG15 Leighton Evans (VIC)

HA17 Colby Hammond (VIC)

CR19 Jack Bear (VIC)

RD19 Matthew Hutchison (VIC)

W26 Gemma Laidlaw (WA)

L27 Wayne Bourke (NSW)

P29 Jaiden Healey (NSW)

RD30 Stephen Laidlaw (VIC)

HA34 Shane Hammond (VIC)

SA52 Nathan Brackstone-Thorne (SA)

B55 Jack Murphy (NSW)

AX61 Matt Nelson (VIC)

WANG65 Felicity Roycroft (VIC)

B80 Belinda Taylor (VIC)

AX84 Josh Service (VIC)

WANG84 Brad Warren (VIC)

HA91 Dehne Sparrow (VIC)