by | Jan 7, 2024 | SSA Production Sedans, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Western Australia.

Celebrating your 31st birthday isn’t a special moment to remember. But there is no doubt Kye Blight will not forget this one any time soon.

After winning the Late Model A-Main, Blight strapped into his hastily repaired Production Sedan after hitting the concrete wall in his final qualifier and won the Star Auto Parts Albany Production Sedan 5000, which also doubled as the second round of the Production Sedan West Coast Showdown at the Albany Speedway Club.

Starting from the fourth row, the West Australian Champion hit the lead before lap ten and cruised to a comfortable victory over Drew Ogle and Josh Fraser to win his third straight 5000.

Ogle and Fraser, in their own words, struggled in the early night’s action, with Fraser starting sixth and Ogle back on the seventh row, but as luck would find it, both drivers would see each other and work their way onto the podium.

Both drivers would touch wheels on several occasions but still fight it until the end, with Ogle getting the upper hand on Fraser.

Pole sitter Aydan Trewern had a Main Event he would like to forget; going into the 30-Lap decider, he was undefeated in his heat races but could not find any luck, falling back from the get-go.

Fellow front-row starter Mitch Killeen was more like a yo-yo than a car at some stages of the event before finishing in fifth place just behind the National Champion Kyle Sayer, who had a very quiet night on his behalf.

The race behind the lead trio was a barnstormer, with a multitude of drivers all going for fourth place as Nuno Mendes, Calon Ball, and Tylar Main all joined Killeen and Sayer.

The Showdown will now sit idle until the first week in March, when the third round will be hosted at the Perth Motorplex over two nights.


30 Laps- 1. WA1 Kye Blight, 2. WA13 Drew Ogle, 3. W5 Josh Fraser, 4. A1 Kyle Sayer, 5. W4 Mitch Killeen, 6. W7 Tylar Main, 7. W8 Calon Ball, 8. WA11 Nuno Mendes, 9. W12 Aydan Trewern, 10. W61 Jake Blight, 11. W27 Mike Kinnear, 12. W86 Wayne Leviston, 13. W13 Brad Mitchell, 14. WB8 Brody Day (29), 15. W43 Hayden Thomas (28), 16. WB13 Rowan Burrell (28), 17. W333 Shane Dubberlin (28), DNF: WA57 Rohan Thomas (28), W9 Wayne Coleman (23), W23 Dylan Parkes (22), W88 David Merini (21), W77 Jorj Park (13), WA88 Alec Melvin (5), WA4 Clinton Theyer (1).