by | May 5, 2024 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Official Release Sunday 5th May 2024.

Queensland’s Joel Berkley has successfully defended the SSA Modified Sedan WA State Title after capturing victory this afternoon at the Ellenbrook Speedway.

Before a bumper Sunday afternoon crowd Berkley wrestled victory away from Luke Fraser in the concluding stages of a thrilling forty lap main event with Peter Fraser officially third in what was an entertaining finale to the final Speedway Sedans Western Australia State Title of the season.

Berkley crossed the line two seconds clear of Luke Fraser as he become the first driver in a decade to successfully defend the SSA Modified Sedan WA State Title.

Twenty Two competitors took part in the day’s proceedings as picturesque autumn weather greeted spectators at the venue located on the northern outskirts of Perth.

The six qualifying heats for the Modified Sedans provided some great entertainment throughout the day with Luke Fraser the only competitor to claim multiple heat race victories.

Fraser and Berkley occupied the front row for the forty finale as eighteen competitors prepared to greet the starter.

Jarred Fisher who had qualified from position five was out before the race began with a broken axle aboard his Ford Falcon.

When the lights went green in the main event Luke Fraser lead the early laps from Berkley, Mitch Killeen, Shane Brittain and 2020 WA Champion Branden Fraser the top five after ten laps.

The first and only stoppage of the race occurred on lap fourteen when Mick Reynolds came to a stop in turn three as Fraser continued to lead.

Branden Fraser had moved into third place just prior to the stoppage as Luke Fraser and Berkley again pulled clear of the field.

It became a race in two in the second half of the race as Luke Fraser and Berkley raced side by side at times through the lap traffic.

Shane Brittain after being inside the top five for much of the race fell back through the field as Berkley hit the front for the first time on lap twenty eight before Fraser took back control.

Berkley’s race winning move occurred on lap thirty four as he rolled the bottom side of the race track in turn two to take the lead with Branden Fraser retiring from third place on lap thirty five.

The Queenslander would not be stopped in the final laps as he took victory for the second straight year in the SSA Modified Sedan WA State Title by over two seconds from Luke Fraser with Peter Fraser a distant third at race end.

Nuno Mendes wrestled fourth place away in the final laps from Mitchell Baker, Mitchell Killeen, Paul Stevens, Shane Brittain, Shane Devonshire and Lindsay McAuley the nine finishers.

Berkley was delighted with his victory aboard the ex Laurie Dowsett Ford Falcon as he thanked the Western Australian support he had to defend the WA State Title along with good mate Kye Walters who acted as his crew chief for the weekend.

During post race scrutineering Nuno Mendes would be disqualified from the placings.

The 2025 SSA Modified Sedan WA State Title will be conducted at the Carnarvon Speedway on the 21st & 22nd February.


A Main, 40 Laps: 1. WA1 Joel Berkley, 2. W15 Luke Fraser, 3. W0 Peter Fraser, 4. W9 Mitchell Baker, 5. W4 Mitchell Killeen, 6. W6 Paul Stevens (39), 7. W88 Shane Brittain (39), 8. W92 Shane Devonshire (39), 9. W29 Lindsay McAuley (39). DNF: W2 Branden Fraser (35), W27 Mike Kinnear (22), WA15 Daniel Flavel (22), W13 Mick Reynolds (16), W15 Aaron Hancock (15), W7 Tylar Main (9), W31 Kevin Ellement (5). DQ: W11 Nuno Mendes. DNS: W00 Hamish Macalpine, W3 Rob Fraser, W48 Brenden Higgs, W23 Jayke Malcolm, W82 Jarred Fisher, W186 Mitchell Moody. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.252. Fastest Lap: 21.172 WA1 Joel Berkley.