by | Mar 24, 2024 | SSA Modified Sedans, TAS

Official Release Sunday 24th March 2024.

JOEL BERKLEY has won the Tasmanian State Modified Sedan Title at Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway in Latrobe, last night. Berkley was followed to the chequered flag by Dylan Barrow and Jakobe Jetson.

This becomes Joel Berkley’s 6th state title victory in Speedway Sedans Australia competition, winning titles in both Modified Sedans and Production Sedans across Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and now Tasmania to go with his National Production Sedan Title which was won in Victoria.

Official Results of the 2024 SSA Modified Sedan Tasmanian State Title

A Main: 1. WA1 Joel Berkley, 2. V17 Dylan Barrow, 3. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 4. V6 Wade McCarthy, 5. T1 Brad Herbert, 6. T26 Andy Russell, 7. T51 Luke Wilson, 8. T46 Trent Quillerat, 9. V61 Matt Nelson, 10. V38 Tristan Mcgraw, 11. T6 Corey Jetson, 12. N81 Quinton Clarke, 13. T27 Joshua Marston, DNF: N15 Max Clarke, T29 Harry Auton, Q32 Nathan MacDonald, N36 David Jacobi, T3 Tomas Hext, DNS: V46 Kye Walters.