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Official Release- Friday 21st April 2023

The Lismore Speedway in Northern New South Wales will play host to a historic night of Speedway Sedan racing when three State Titles are decided across two nights of racing.

With the action to occur on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April at the showgrounds venue, forty one Junior Sedans, twenty five Super Sedans and twenty two Modified Sedans are contesting their respective New South Wales State Titles.

Reigning State Champions Steve Latham (Super Sedans) and Mick Shelford (Modified Sedans) will defend their titles while a new champion will be crowned in the Junior Sedans.

The New South Wales State Title for Super Sedans will serve as a great entree to the National Title to be held in Gympie next weekend with five different states represented in the field.

Mick Shelford defends the Modified Sedan title he won in Grafton last season with Queensland Champion Nathan Macdonald in the field along with former National Champions Max Clarke and Greg Worling.

National Junior Sedan Champion Aidan Rigby would love to add the New South Wales State Title to his impressive season that has included wins in the Queensland and Victorian State Titles.

Racing begins from 5pm both nights.

Official Nominations

SSA Junior Sedans New South Wales State Title


A1 Aidan Rigby
SA1 Jaiden Santin
C7 Riley Killick (QLD)
BB8 Kurtis Peall (QLD)
LAC8 Alisha Payne
LAC9 Erica Robinson
G9 Braydon Steffens (QLD)
GFT9 Charlotte Clarke
AX10 Bree Simpson (VIC)
B10 Alexander Nicolayson
GFT10 Lawson Clarke
LV11 Cody Strain (QLD)
B12 Brodie Hollyman (QLD)
S13 Summer Gesell
AV14 Jake Bradley (VIC)
LAC15 Luke McNabb
BB17 AJ Macdonald (QLD)
M17 Cooper Reid (QLD)
LAC18 Sophie Santin
G19 Jackson Kunny (QLD)
BB21 Noel Petersen (QLD)
G21 Hayley Spence (QLD)
LAC21 Aida Miller
AX23 Tamika Simpson (VIC)
LAC24 Jorja Woolfe
B26 Ellie Wilson
SC27 Cooper Flynn (QLD)
LAC32 Jake Synott
LAC36 Indi Butcher
LAC42 Levi Payne
GFT43 Jackson Bailey
AX47 River Paterson (VIC)
AX48 Linken Paterson (VIC)
AX51 Kiarna Barton (VIC)
LAC66 Jackson Brims
CR69 Damien Acres (QLD)
DBO72 Tyler Burnham
LAC76 Deacon Turner
GFT86 Brock Stubbs
GFT88 Sam Bodley
LAC99 Poppy Airey

SSA Super Sedan New South Wales State Title


A1 Matty Pascoe
N1 Steve Latham
N3 Tania Smith
Q3 Matt Williams
T3 David Nichols
V3 Mick Nicola Snr
Q6 Ty Pascoe
Q10 Steve Jordan
Q13 Scott Taylor
V16 Ash Bergmeier
Q18 Brad Pascoe
S18 Dave Gartner
N19 Dion Bennett
V23 Mick Nicola Jnr
Q24 Daniel Taylor
Q26 Sean Black
N29 Zac Brims
Q31 Harry Doyle
Q33 Justin Randall
Q36 Darren Kane
N47 Tyson Moon
Q47 Barry Craft
Q48 JJ Hamilton
N57 Daryl Moon
N77 Hayden Brims

SSA Modified Sedan New South Wales State Title


NSW1 Mick Shelford
Q1 Nathan Macdonald
LAC3 Greg Worling
C13 Stephen Cook (QLD)
SB13 Benjamin Stead (QLD)
CR14 Cameron Taylor (QLD)
GL15 Richard Cook (QLD)
GFT15 Max Clarke
BB21 Brad Petersen (QLD)
SC22 Shannon Blackburn (QLD)
MK23 Alex Sweeney (QLD)
CR30 Leonie Knight (QLD)
LAC36 David Jacobi
B42 Kristy Bonsey (QLD)
G46 Daniel Henshaw (QLD)
B47 Steven Quirk
C55 Joshua Schultz (QLD
CR72 Shane Langton (QLD)
CR77 Mick Langton (QLD)
GFT81 Quinton Clarke
C88 TJ Horne (QLD)
CR93 Jason Beer (QLD).

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