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Official Release- Sunday 30th April 2023.

After an epic weekend of racing, an emotional Trent Wilson has tonight won the 2023 Cush Clothing Speedway Sedans Australia National Super Sedan Title held at Corbet’s Group Gympie Speedway in Queensland.

Wilson put in a strong performance all weekend, a final night heat race win garnering him enough points to start the forty-lap championship final from pole position alongside overnight points leader Tyson Moon while the second row would be filled out by Justin Randall and defending National Champion Matt Pascoe.

As the race went green Wilson lead through the first corner while Randall dove to the inside of Moon to grab second, Brad Pascoe following him through into third place and shuffling Moon back to fourth.

Matt Pascoe was just behind the top four, running high and looking for a way through when Sean Black from position seven made his move, diving through on the inside to pass both cars for fourth.

Moon fought back and retook the position, but Black fought back again and managed to retake the position.

Sam Roza also looked to get in on the action, diving to the inside of Moon but it didn’t pay off, the two making contact and Roza spinning on the infield curb and bringing out the yellows with five complete.

The restart order with thirty five to go would be Wilson, Randall, Brad Pascoe, Black and Matt Pascoe and Wilson got away cleanly, while behind him Randall, Brad Pascoe and Sean Black all got bottled up in the battle for second, Matt Pascoe also coming under pressure from Moon.

Wilson continued to build his lead as Randall continued to come under fire from Sean Black who had managed to get by Pascoe and was now third and looking for more

.At the halfway distance Wilson had a nearly two and half second gap on Randall, with Black, Brad Pascoe and Hayden Brims now the top five, with Black’s tyre starting to go down a lap or so later, Brad Pascoe and Brims bunching up behind him and Matt Pascoe taking the opportunity to go around all three of them on the outside.

Lapped traffic would then come into play for the leader Wilson and with fifteen to go Randall would begin to close the gap, with Matt Pascoe, Hayden Brims and Brad Pascoe now the top five.

Brims closed right onto Wilson’s tail with fourteen remaining, lapped traffic playing havoc for the leader as he desperately tried to work his way through and kept Justin Randall interested right on his tail.

The traffic also allowed Matt Pascoe to close up on them with nine laps remaining, Hayden Brims and Brad Pascoe also right there and ready to take any opportunity that arose as the top three battled.

As Matt persisted with the high line, Brims used the inside to grab third but a lap later Pascoe fought back to retake the position.

Pascoe also got to the outside of Randall for second, but just as he looked to be making the move, the yellows came on as Tyson Moon and Jamie Collins came to a stop together on the hairpin turn, just seven laps remaining.

Wilson would lead away Randall, Matt Pascoe, Brims, Brad Pascoe and B main transferee Matt Williams who had raced his way through the field and was now in sixth.

Again Wilson got away cleanly, while Matt Pascoe came under pressure from Brims but Pascoe committed to the top and continued to hold the position.

Brims then got way out of shape coming down the front straight with three laps remaining and dropped back through the field, Wilson now clear ahead of Randall who was now coming under pressure from Pascoe, with Brad Pascoe and Matt Williams right there until Randall went around in the hairpin bend as he came under pressure from Matt Pascoe.

Pascoe was determined the cause of the spin and elected to take the car to the pits, seeing Wilson the leader ahead from Randall, the very lucky Brims, Williams and Brad Pascoe as the last lap had now been completed, the race restarting with just four laps remaining.

Again the race resumed and this time Matt Williams moved high and got around Brims with three to go for third, then around the outside of Randall with two to go, Randall just able to get the nose in front as they crossed the line.

Williams persisted with the outside and grabbed second down the back straight with one and a half to go but the yellows came on again as Luke Gunn came to a stop in the hairpin, setting up a green, white chequer restart.

This would of course mean the lineup again had to go back to the last completed lap, Wilson the leader ahead of Randall, Williams, Brims and Pascoe.Wilson stuck down low as the race got underway for the final time, Randall right behind him and again Williams went high, Randall moving high to defend and Williams unable to make the move with one lap remaining.

Try as they might, there was no change in the final lap, Wilson going on to win his first National Crown after leading all forty laps.

He would defeat second placed Randall and Matt Wiliams from the B Main, starting position seventeen and finishing third.

The new National Champion was clearly emotional as he celebrated with his family on the infield after the race in front of an appreciative crowd.

Speedway Sedans Australia thanks the Gympie Speedway Club for providing a great venue for the 2023 National Super Sedan Title.

The 2024 SSA National Super Sedan Title will be held at the Albany Speedway in Western Australia in early March.


A Main, 40 Laps- 1. Q44 Trent Wilson, 2. Q33 Justin Randall, 3. Q3 Matt Williams, 4. N77 Hayden Brims, 5. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 6. N47 Tyson Moon, 7. Q28 Zac Pascoe, 8. V0 Lucas Roberts, 9. Q36 Darren Kane, 10. Q10 Steve Jordan, 11. T12 Luke Gunn, 12. Q48 JJ Hamilton, 13. Q47 Barry Craft (39). DNF: A1 Matt Pascoe (36), N29 Zac Brims (36), V34 Jamie Collins (33), V23 Mick Nicola Sner (32) Q26 Sean Black (23), T22 Callum Harper (17), Q12 David Musch (12), Q77 Sam Roza (11), Q11 Mitchell Gee (8). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.903. Fastest Lap: 17.224 Q44 Trent Wilson.