Williams Wins Memorial Event

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Latest News, Results

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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Seven times State Champion, Craig Williams, has won the Derrick Dunn Memorial at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway, which was also round two of the Statewide Modified Sedan Series.

Current State Champion, Brad Herbert and Josh Stephens would start on the front row for the twenty lap decider, and it wasnt a good start for Stephens losing all of his water, ending his night.

Josh Marston lost his power steering early in the race also, as Herbert started to come under pressure from Williams and Trent Quillerat.

Jake Taurian moved to fifth but soon after would break a shock absorber, with Taurian joining Marston and Stephens on the infield.

The field would be bunched up on lap seven when John Moles broke his steering, causing a stoppage in the race.

Herbert, Williams and Quillerat were nose to tail after the stoppage, with Williams seizing on an opportunity with five laps remaining to hit the lead.

Further back, Nathan Russell and Jakobe Jetson had a good battle for the minor placings but they were a third of a lap behind the lead trio, with Williams winning by a car length from Herbert, with Quillerat two car lengths further back in third.

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Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. T46 Trent Quillerat, 2. T21 Joshua Stephens, 3. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 4. T8 Jake Taurian, 5. T17 Craig Williams, 6. T31 Keith Blair, 7. Joshua Marston, 8. T25 Craig Cross, 9. T44 John Moles. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 3.632, Fastest Lap: 19.271 T46 Trent Quillerat

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. T27 Joshua Marston, 2. T5 Brad Herbert, 3. T21 Joshua Stephens, 4. T28 Nathan Russell, 5. T8 Jake Taurian, 6. T46 Trent Quillerat, 7. T63 Brad McKendrick, 8. T44 John Moles. Time: 2.54.719, Winning Margin: 0.367, Fastest Lap: 17.141 T27 Joshua Marston

Heat 3, 10 Laps: 1. T17 Craig Williams, 2. T5 Brad Herbert, 3. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 4. T31 Keith Blair, 5. T28 Nathan Russell, 6. T63 Brad McKendrick (4 laps), 7. T25 Craig Cross (4). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.478, Fastest Lap: 16.555 T5 Brad Herbert

A Main, 20 Laps: 1. T17 Craig Williams, 2. T5 Brad Herbert, 3. T46 Trent Quillerat, 4. T28 Nathan Russell, 5. T7 Jakobe Jetson, 6. T31 Keith Blair, 7. T8 Jake Taurian (6 laps), 8. T44 John Moles (6), 9. T27 Joshua Marston (2), 10. T21 Joshua Stephens (1), 11. T25 Craig Cross (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.470, Fastest Lap: 16.620 T17 Craig Williams

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