by | May 18, 2023 | QLD, SSA Super Sedans

Press Release by Luke Nichols.

Matt Williams has dominated across two nights of action at McCosker Rocky Speedway to score back to back feature wins.

On the opening night of competition the McCosker Super Sedan Series would take centre stage, and New South Wales Champion Matty Pascoe would go undefeated throughout heat race action to be the top qualifier after three rounds of heats.

Pascoe opted to start from the outside, and would be joined by Victorian Ash Bergmeier on the front row for the thirty five lap main event.

Pascoe jumped to an early advantage from the outside to lead lap one.

JJ Hamilton started from the outside of row two and quickly made his way to second. Bergmeier got shuffled out and found himself in fifth position at the end of lap one.

Williams made quick work of Hamilton to take second on lap three, and then set out after Pascoe for the lead.

Williams reeled Pascoe in and made the pass for the lead on lap six.Williams sliced his way through traffic, and had built a big lead by the time the caution light was out on lap twenty for a stricken Harry Doyle.

Pascoe drove hard into turn one at the restart to take the lead at the stripe with fourteen laps to run.

Williams put the car up on the top shelf and railed right around the outside of Pascoe back into the lead.

Williams gapped the field from there and went on to record a big four second win for his first feature victory of the season!

Pascoe crossed the line second, ahead of young gun Hamilton who secured his first McCosker Series podium finish, to go along with his runner up finish in the Ian Boettcher Classic back in January.

McCosker Super Sedan Series Round 13

A Main – 35 laps1. RK3 Matt Williams, 2. N1 Matty Pascoe, 3. Q48 JJ Hamilton, 4. Q98 Michael Hally, 5. Q15 Gavin Northfield, 6. Q1 Brad Pascoe, 7. N77 Hayden Brims, 8. V3 Mick Nicola, 9. Q6 Zac Pascoe, 10. V16 Ash Bergmeier (34), 11. Q8 Michael Larsen (34), 12. Q39 Bob McCosker (33), 13. Q12 Damon Musch (33), 14. Q10 Steve Jordan (33), 15. N7 Wayne Dick (32), DNF Q31 Harry Doyle (20), Q11 Rob Hamilton (19), GL3 Graeme Elliot (17), Q29 Digger McCallum (5).

On night two Williams and Matty Pascoe were again the stand out performers during heat race and pole shuffle action, to lead the field to the green for the thirty lap 8k to win feature race.

Williams got the jump from pole position, and quickly built strong lead over the rest of the field.

Matty Pascoe ran second, from his sons Brad and Zac Pascoe in third and fourth respectively.Williams set a dominant pace out front and had built a huge five second plus lead when he made his way into lap traffic.

Brad Pascoe took second from his Dad on lap eleven, and set about chasing down Williams who was fighting heavy traffic.

Pascoe would be able to bridge the gap from five seconds, down to two seconds, but Williams stayed ultra calm to weave his way through traffic, and build his lead back up to over five seconds.

Williams went on the greet the chequered flag more than seven seconds clear of Pascoe in second in a race that went flag to flag in a tick over eight minutes!

Williams dominance was highlighted by just five cars finishing the race on the lead lap!Brad Pascoe crossed the line in second, ahead of his father Matty Pascoe in third, and his brother Zac Pascoe in fourth.

Hayden Brims crossed the line fifth to round out the top five.Rockhampton 8k to winA Main – 30 laps

1. RK3 Matt Williams, 2. Q1 Brad Pascoe, 3. N1 Matty Pascoe, 4. Q6 Zac Pascoe, 5. N77 Hayden Brims, 6. Q48 JJ Hamilton (29), 7. Q15 Gavin Northfield (29), 8. Q98 Michael Hally (29), 9. Q31 Harry Doyle (29), 10. Q29 Justin Smithwick (29), 11. V3 Mick Nicola (29), 12. Q11 Rob Hamilton (29), 13. Q39 Bob McCosker (29), 14. V16 Ash Bergmeier (29), DNF Q7 Brendan Doyle (14), Q12 Damon Musch (9), Q10 Steve Jordan (0).