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Official Release- Friday 28th January 2022

Rockhampton’s Matt Williams & Three Time National Champion Mick Nicola Sr lead after night one of the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan Title at the Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway in Latrobe Tasmania.

Williams and Nicola Sr were both extremely consistent as they each recorded a heat win, runner up & third place finish over the course of the three rounds to have eighty seven points.

Two Time National Champion Callum Harper was the only driver to record multiple heat race victories on night one and currently sits third in the standings.

Heavy rain on Thursday evening into Friday morning caused significant headaches for the organisers, with heavy track conditions greeting the thirty three SSA Super Sedans who were contesting the first Speedway Sedans Australia National Title to be held in nearly two years.

Queensland’s Michael Hally unfortunately came to grief on the opening lap of the first heat putting him out of the race with heavy damage to the Q98.

Eight Time Tasmanian Champion David Nichols navigated the conditions the best to defeat Queensland’s Leigh Williams with Mick Nicola Jr stealing third on the line from Steve Latham.

Callum Harper started his weekend in the best possible fashion by winning heat two by over seven seconds from Wayne Dillon & Mick Nicola Sr.

Andrew White from New South Wales became the first driver to get the top side of the racetrack to work in heat three coming position six to steal the victory from Nathan Howells on the final lap.

Heat Four had two attempts at a start before the race got underway as Victorian Jamie Collins dominated the race defeating 2011 National Champion Steve Jordan with Matt Williams holding off Queensland Champion Matt Pascoe for third.

Laura Davidson had the local crowd cheering in the first heat of the second round as she drove ten perfect laps to hold off Matt Williams with another Tasmanian Luke Gunn a distant third.

The battle of the brothers was the theme for heat six as Zac Pascoe got the better of the battle between himself and his brother Brad as Mick Nicola Jr continued his consistent night to be third.

Three Time National Champion Matt Pascoe recorded his first heat win of the weekend in heat seven claiming victory by over five seconds from Mick Nicola Sr.

The initial start to heat eight witnessed Callum Harper being sent to the rear of the field after contact with David Nichols in the first turn.

Harper then stormed from the rear of the field over the ten laps to steal victory on the line from Nichols with Harper’s winning margin just 0.282 of a second.

The final round of competition witnessed the fastest lap times of the night as Matt Williams had the Q3 working hard over the ten laps as Nicola Jr & Luke Gunn filled the minor placings.

Mick Nicola Sr had the V3 on rails in heat ten as he lead home Brad Pascoe & Andrew White who bounced back after a did not finish in his second outing.

Former Tasmanian Champion Steve Latham found some form in heat eleven to claim the thirty six points as Corey Smith held off Matt Pascoe for second after a great battle over the ten laps.

National Champion Darren Kane put together a faultless heat race aboard the Pedders T14 Dominator in the final heat of night one as he defeated a depleted field.

Each competitor will have one more heat race on Saturday Night ahead of the B Main which will finalise the field for the 40 Lap A Main to decide the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan Champion.

Live coverage will once again be FREE courtesy of SSA Live with racing to get underway from 6pm local time.

Official Results of Night One of the 2022 SSA National Super Sedan Title.

Heat One, Ten Laps- 1. T3 David Nichols, 2. Q4 Leigh Williams, 3. V23 Mick Nicola Jr, 4. T8 Steve Latham, 5. T6 Corey Smith, 6. T28 Andy Russell, 7. T38 Jayden Triffett (9), DNF Q98 Michael Hally (0), N21 Darren Anning (0), Quick Time T3 David Nichols 15.290.

Heat Two, Ten Laps- 1. T22 Callum Harper, 2. T48 Wayne Dillon, 3. V3 Mick Nicola Sr, 4. T71 Robert Bird, 5. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 6. T18 Dwaine Sonners, 7. Q28 Zac Pascoe (9), 8. T47 Lucas Dillon (9), Quick Time T22 Callum Harper 14.686.

Heat Three, Ten Laps- 1. N23 Andrew White, 2. T7 Nathan Howells, 3. T4 Marcus Alexander, 4. T14 Darren Kane, 5. T61 Laura Davidson, 6. T10 Andrew Poke, 7. T12 Luke Gunn, DNS N57 Tyson Moon, Quick Time N23 Andrew White 15.996.

Heat Four, Ten Laps- 1. V34 Jamie Collins, 2. Q10 Steve Jordan, 3. Q3 Matt Williams, 4. Q1 Matt Pascoe, 5. T29 Tim Johnson (9), 6. T49 Aaron Dillon (9), 7. T75 Brendan Flynn (9), DNS T26 Peter Johnston, Quick Time V34 Jamie Collins 14.827.


Heat Five, Ten Laps- 1. T61 Laura Davidson, 2. Q3 Matt Williams, 3. T12 Luke Gunn, 4. T71 Robert Bird, 5. Q10 Steve Jordan, 6. T7 Nathan Howells, 7. Q98 Michael Hally (9), DNF T49 Aaron Dillon (0), DNS T26 Peter Johnston, Quick Time Matt Williams 14.048.

Heat Six, Ten Laps- 1. Q28 Zac Pascoe, 2. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 3. V23 Mick Nicola Jr, 4. V34 Jamie Collins, 5. T48 Wayne Dillon, 6. T47 Lucas Dillon, 7. T75 Brendan Flynn (9), DNF N23 Andrew White (6), Quick Time Q28 Zac Pascoe 14.399.

Heat Seven, Ten Laps- 1. Q1 Matt Pascoe, 2. V3 Mick Nicola Sr, 3. T4 Marcus Alexander, 4. T14 Darren Kane, 5. T28 Andrew Russell, 6. T10 Andrew Poke (9), DNS T38 Jayden Triffett, N21 Darren Anning, Quick Time Q1 Matt Pascoe 14.047.

Heat Eight, Ten Laps- 1. T22 Callum Harper, 2. T3 David Nichols, 3. T6 Corey Smith, 4. T8 Steve Latham, 5. Q4 Leigh Williams, 6. T29 Tim Johnson, 7. T18, DNS N57 Tyson Moon, Quick Time T22 Callum Harper 14.000.


Heat Nine, Ten Laps- 1. Q3 Matt Williams, 2. V23 Mick Nicola Jr, 3. T12 Luke Gunn, 4. T3 David Nichols, 5. T7 Nathan Howells, 6. T49 Aaron Dillon (9), DNS T29 Tim Johnson, T26 Peter Johnston, T10 Andrew Poke, Quick Time Q3 Matt Williams 13.892.

Heat Ten, Ten Laps- 1. V3 Mick Nicola Sr, 2. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 3. N23 Andrew White, 4. T71 Robert Bird, 5. V34 Jamie Collins, 6. T22 Callum Harper, 7. T48 Wayne Dillon, 8. T4 Marcus Alexander, Quick Time V3 Mick Nicola Sr 14.373.

Heat Eleven, Ten Laps- 1. T8 Steve Latham, 2. T6 Corey Smith, 3. Q1 Matt Pascoe, 4. Q10 Steve Jordan, 5. T28 Andrew Russell, 6. T61 Laura Davidson, 7. Q98 Michael Hally, 8. T75 Brendan Flynn (9), Quick Time T8 Steve Latham 14.246

Heat Twelve, Ten Laps- 1. T14 Darren Kane, 2. Q28 Zac Pascoe, 3. Q4 Leigh Williams, 4. T47 Lucas Dillon, 5. T18 Dwaine Sonners, DNS T57 Tyson Moon, N21 Darren Anning, T38 Jayden Triffett, Quick Time T14 Darren Kane 14.478.

Overall Point Score

1. Q3 Matt Williams 87

2. V3 Mick Nicola Sr 87

3. T22 Callum Harper 82

4. T3 David Nichols 81

5. Q1 Matt Pascoe 76

6. V23 Mick Nicola Jr 74

7. Q28 Zac Pascoe 72

8. T8 Steve Latham 70

9. T14 Darren Kane 70

10. Q18 Brad Pascoe 69

11. V34 Jamie Collins 66

12. N23 Andrew White 65

13. T6 Corey Smith 64

14. Q4 Leigh Williams 64

15. T61 Laura Davidson 59

16. Q10 Steve Jordan 58

17. T12 Luke Gunn 54

18. T4 Marcus Alexander 52

19. T71 Robert Bird 51

20. T7 Nathan Howells 51

21. T48 Wayne Dillon 49

22. T28 Andy Russell 36

23. T47 Lucas Dillon 33

24. T49 Aaron Dillon 26

25. T29 Tim Johnson 23

26. T18 Dwaine Sonners 23

27. Q98 Michael Hally 22

28. T75 Brendan Flynn 22

29. T10 Andrew Poke 20

30. T38 Jayden Triffett 8

31. N21 Darren Anning 5

32. T26 Peter Johnston 0

33. N57 Tyson Moon 0