Wicks And Alexander Get The Easter Chocolates

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Brad Wicks has won the Saturday night Feature Race in the Super Sedan Easter Nationals at the Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway.

Wicks would start on the front row for the twenty lap event, leading all the way. Despite leading all the way, his lead was never a great one, with the race ending in thrilling circumstances, with the first four drivers separated by 1.210 seconds, in a blanket finish.

Wicks would win his second feature race of the season, holding off Ryan Alexander, Peter Nicola and Dave Gartner in a great finish.

On Sunday night, Ryan Alexander would start on the front row with Wicks, with Wicks leading through the opening eight laps, before Alexander found an opportunity to pass the Victorian.

On lap nineteen, Paul Blenkiron moved to second and Peter Nicola to third, as Wicks dropped to fourth, with a great battle ensuing for the minor placings.

Four laps later, Nicola continued his surge forward, moving to second place, with Wicks getting the better of Blenkiron in the latter stages to move back to third.

Meanwhile, Alexander continued to lead, holding a five car advantage to the chequered flag, defeating Nicola and Wicks. Blenkiron, Kym Jury and South Australian Champion, Dave Gartner would complete the top six.

Feature, 20 laps: 1. V17 Brad Wicks, 2. S47 Ryan Alexander, 3. V2 Peter Nicola, 4. S1 Dave Gartner, 5. S99 Steve Schwarz, 6. N23 Andrew White, 7. S52 Michael Brown, 8. S5 Trevor Ware, 9. S93 Kym Jury, 10. S43 Jason Gantz. DNF: S22 Paul Blenkiron. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.234. Fastest Lap: 13.888 S47 Ryan Alexander.

Feature, 35 laps: 1. S47 Ryan Alexander, 2. V2 Peter Nicola, 3. V17 Brad Wicks, 4. S22 Paul Blenkiron, 5. S93 Kym Jury, 6. S1 Dave Gartner, 7. S99 Steve Schwarz, 8. S43 Jason Gantz, 9. S5 Trevor Ware, 10.S52 Michael Brown (34). DNF: N23 Andrew White (27), S17 Michelle Bagorski (7). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.458. Fastest Lap: 13.543 V17 Brad Wicks.

Above photo courtesy of Angryman Photography

Sunday night podium, photo courtesy of Linda Savage