by | Mar 1, 2021 | SA, SSA Street Stocks

Written By Kye Richardson, Image by Local Sprintcar Photography

For the second week in a row, street stocks were in action at Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway, this time supporting the Wingless Sprints, Rural City Of Murray Bridge, 60 lap event.

Heat one was again event one on the racetrack which saw Tony Prideaux and Haydon Jolly off of the front row. Regular super sedan driver Paul Blenkiron was also in the field for the night, having a blast with son, Mitch, passenger in the Anthony Buchanan owned VS Commodore. However, heat one was taken away by Nathan Thorne in the newest Mitsubishi Magna to hit the track, the car winning its debut heat. Carey Weston worked his way to second with Nigel Reichstein third.

Heat two saw Jemma Chapman and Jake Hamilton fill the VY-VZ Commodore front row. It was Craig Buchanan that they had to watch though, as he came to win the heat aboard the XF Falcon. Jake Hamilton held onto second after an earlier moment on the back straight, Moss Buchanan held onto third.

The Third and final heat saw Nathan Thorne start from the front and stay there, winning ahead of Carey Weston and Nigel Reichstein once again.

The feature was a 20 lap affair, running 10 laps each way. The feature started in the “normal” direction, with Thorne and Weston off the front row. The race went until lap 6, the caution being used to imply the direction change, the final 14 laps to be completed in the clockwise direction. Racing got back underway with Carey Weston looking strong, Thorne had dropped back to the edge of the podium and the rest of the field was battling as per usual. The race went on to see Carey Weston make it two feature wins in two weekends, Nigel Reichstein went one spot better than his heat results, finishing second, Anthony Buchanan drove well and was happy with the new VY commodores performance, finishing third.  Nathan Thorne and Craig Buchanan rounded out the top five.

Speedway Sedans Australia are presented well this weekend at Renmark’s Riverland Speedway. The program seeing Junior Sedans and Street Stocks on. As well as the first round of the United Speedway Association (USA) Super Sedan Country Series.

Official Result

Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. S17 Carey Weston, 2. S14 Nigel Reichstein, 3. S2 Anthony Buchanan, 4. S53 Nathan Thorne, 5. S10 Craig Buchanan, 6. S22 Tony Prideaux, 7. S11 Ryan Buchanan, 8. S59 Haydon Jolly, 9. S0 Moss Buchanan (19), 10. S16 Jake Hamilton (19), 11. S28 Paul Blenkiron (19), DNF S9 Brent Reddan (16), S59 Jemma Chapman (16)