Weston First Home At Murray Bridge

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Carey Weston has become the latest Street Stock Feature race winner in South Australia, when he won Saturday nights twenty lap A Main, at the Murray Machining and Sheds, Murray Bridge Speedway.

Neville Nitschke would win both of his qualifying heats to set up a front row start with Nigel Reichstein for the A Main, with Weston starting on the second row with Phil Watson.

In a closely run affair, Reichstein would narrowly lead Nitschke and Weston through the first eight laps, before Weston passed both Reichstein and Nitschke in one lap to take the lead.

Behind the leading trio there were plenty of positional changes with Watson, Craig Buchanan and Justin Brumfield in the chasing pack.

Weston drove a great race and held a four car length advantage over the concluding stages to defeat Nitschke, Reichstein and Watson, in a race which went flag to flag.

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Heat 1, 8 Laps: 1. S14 Nigel Reichstein, 2. S19 Phil Watson, 3. NT5 Justin Brumfield, 4. S62 Trae Ballantyne, 5. S55 Matt Maynard, 6. S75 Cameron Monaghan. DNF: 7. S59 Haydon Jolly (1), 8. S69 Matt Seidel (1). DISQ: S8 Paul Hayes (8). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.755, Fastest Lap: 20.257 S14 Nigel Reichstein

Heat 2, 8 Laps: 1. S58 Neville Nitschke, 2. S7 Craig Buchanan, 3. S22 Tony Prideaux, 4. S12 Darren Flatman, 5. S97 Jamie Stewart, 6. S17 Carey Weston, 7. S27 Cade Cox (9 laps), 8. S101 Ashlee McEwin (8), 9. NT43 Simon Spitzbarth (3). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 9.398, Fastest Lap: 19.517 S58 Neville Nitschke

Heat 3, 8 Laps: 1. S17 Carey Weston, 2. S14 Nigel Reichstein, 3. S19 Phil Watson, 4. S97 Jamie Stewart, 5. S75 Cameron Monaghan, 6. S55 Matt Maynard, 7. S62 Trae Ballantyne, 8. S12 Darren Flatman. DNF: 9. S69 Matt Seidel (5 laps). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 3.647, Fastest Lap: 18.474 S17 Carey Weston

Heat 4, 8 Laps: 1. S58 Neville Nitschke, 2. S8 Paul Hayes, 3. S22 Tony Prideaux, 4. S7 Craig Buchanan, 5. NT43 Simon Spitzbarth, 6. NT5 Justin Brumfield, 7. S27 Cade Cox, 8. S101 Ashlee McEwin (8 laps). DNF: 9. S59 Haydon Jolly (0). Time: 3.08.055 (10 Laps), Winning Margin: 12.340, Fastest Lap: 18.244 S58 Neville Nitschke

A Main, 20 Laps: 1. S17 Carey Weston, 2. S58 Neville Nitschke, 3. S14 Nigel Reichstein, 4. S19 Phil Watson, 5. S7 Craig Buchanan, 6. NT5 Justin Brumfield, 7. S27 Cade Cox, 8. S97 Jamie Stewart, 9. S55 Matt Maynard, 10. NT43 Simon Spitzbarth, 11. S22 Tony Prideaux (19 laps), 12. S62 Trae Ballantyne (18), 13. S59 Haydon Jolly (17). DNF: 14 S8 Paul Hayes (20), 15. S101 Ashlee McEwin (4), 16. S69 Matt Seidel (2), 17. S12 Darren Flatman (1), 18. S75 Cameron Monaghan (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: N/A, Fastest Lap: 17.656 S17 Carey Weston

Carey Weston in action at Murray Bridge. Photo courtesy of Linda Savage