by | Apr 7, 2023 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Official Release- Friday 7th April 2023.

Victorian Jarod Waters has tonight gone fastest in official practice ahead of this weekends 2023 SSA Modified Sedan National Title presented by The City of Albany at Albany’s Attwell Park Speedway in Western Australia.

Forty five of the forty seven competitors in the title would test themselves against the clock over thirty one sessions, with Waters setting his quickest lap of 19.166 seconds in the fourth session, also recording a 19.260 in the twelfth session.

The track started to go away, but as the sun set the moisture came back up and Queenslander Aidan Raymont was able to go second quick, recording a 19.218 second lap in the twenty second group.Branden Fraser was third quickest with a 19.322, while Nathan Macdonald and Laurie Dowsett would round out the top five.

There were also a couple of incidents throughout the night with Kevin Ellement and Jayke Malcolm also making contact with the wall, but the biggest incident of the night was when David ‘Tangles’ Head spun in turn four, leaving defending National Champion Brock Atkins with nowhere to go and ending with both cars requiring plenty of work overnight.

Night One of racing will kick off tomorrow from 5.30 with the Grand Parade followed by three rounds of heats, while Sunday night will see the final round of heats before the all important finals.

Live coverage will again be available, with Clay Per View covering all the action, while Race Monitor will also be available and results posted as they happen on the SSA Facebook page.

Overall Practice Times

1. V92 Jarod Waters 19.166

2. Q28 Aidan Raymont 19.218

3. W2 Branden Fraser 19.322

4. Q32 Nathan Macdonald 19.409

5. W14 Laurie Dowsett 19.443

6. W36 Sam McAuley 19.457

7. W21 Matt Noakes 19.473

8. W6 Paul Stevens 19.540

9. W8 Calon Ball 19.592

10. W29 Lindsay McAuley 19.596

11. W3 Brendan Selleck 19.611

12. A1 Brock Atkins 19.667

13. V17 Brad Wicks 19.680

14. V46 Kye Walters 19.686

15. W12 Aydan Trewern 19.700

16. W46 Jason Batchelor 19.761

17. W51 Anthony King 19.798

18. W18 Adam Houston 19.827

19. VA17 Dylan Barrow 19.836

20. W16 Peter Katona 19.851

21. W15 Luke Fraser 19.865

22. W74 Allan Mortimer 19.906

23. Q24 David Head 19.921

24. V32 Brody Chrystie 19.931

25. W91 Ray Clifton 19.967

26. Q9 Gary Pagel 19.979

27. W19 Josh Stewart 19.998

28. V33 Daniel Simpson 20.026

29. WA84 Brent Crookes 20.079

30. QA9 Joel Berkley 20.101

31. V2 Mark Carlin 20.164

32. Q27 Shane Macdonald 20.173

33. W17 Merv Penn 20.180

34. V18 Brooke Ferguson 20.224

35. W84 Jamie Higgs 20.253

36. Q148 Brett Barron 20.341

37. Q15 Richard Cook 20.462

38. V56 Graham West 20.502

39. S94 Robert Uren 20.534

40. WA14 Wade Rigney 20.539

41. W333 Shane Dubberlin 20.580

42. W23 Jayke Malcolm 20.603

43. W616 Jamie Goodwin 20.627

44. W88 Shane Brittain 20.809

45. W31 Kevin Ellement 21.100