Walters Takes Series Round At Redline

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Kye Walters has won round two of the VMPA Tritech Lubricants Series, held at the Redline Raceway on Saturday night.

The thirty lap main event would pit Walters and Russell Bent on the front row, with Walters winning the final pole shuffle against Bent to snare the front row start.

Matt Nelson and Brody Chrystie would start on the second row, with Brock Atkins and Daniel Simpson on row three.

Simpson would be one of the first to succumb, lasting just two laps, as did Rachel Pratt, while Russell Bent retired on lap seven while in second place.

Kye Walters effectively led throughout, with Nelson moving to second with the demise of Bent. Behind Walters, Nelson and Brock Atkins would have a great duel, with the second position changing several times.

Wade McCarthy made steady progress through the event, taking a late opportunity to pass Brody Chrystie to take fourth.

Walters would win by two car lengths after a great 30 laps, with Atkins, Nelson and McCarthy crossing the line practically together, separated by just 0.577. Chrystie and Ty Galley completed the top six, with Galley making plenty of moves after starting from position fourteen, but for positions made in the final, it would be Kellie Atkins who made the most positions, finishing tenth after starting from position twenty in the twenty three car field.

Walters has now moved to equal third in the series standings behind Andrew Blackwell and Brock Atkins.

Modified Sedans
Heat One, 8 laps: 1. RDL46 Kye Walters, 2. RDL11 Darren Cockerill, 3. BGO56 Graham West, 4. N7 Andrew Blackwell, 5. AV14 Matt Gerlach, 6. MDA4 Brock Atkins, 7. GV81 Rodney Burr, 8. AV18 Chris Reick, 9. MDA88 TyGalley. Total Time: 2.13.741. Winning Margin: 2.303. Fastest Lap: 15.8994 MDA4 Brock Atkins.

Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. N13 Russell Bent, 2. MDA6 Wade McCarthy, 3. NG87 Aaron Bunton, 4. N16 Russell Felsovary, 5. AV7 Justin Drew, 6. GV94 Rachel Prett, 7. P25 Chris Hayden. DNF: N25 Nick Hill (7). DQ: CR4 Nick Cockerill. Total Time: 2.17.518. Winning Margin: 0.158. Fastest Lap: CR4 16.125 Nick Cockerill.

Heat Three, 7 laps: 1. MDA19 David Smith, 2. HO33 Daniel Simpson, 3. AX32 Brody Chrystie, 4. HA36 Kellie Atkins, 5. AX61 Matt Nelson. DNF: N15 Dale Hallett (2), HO31 Michael Hayden (2), N11 Jack Ramsdale (0). Total Time: 3.29.702. Winning Margin: 0.665. Fastest Lap: 16.125 HO33 Daniel Simpson.

Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. MDA4 Brock Atkins, 2. CR4 Nick Cockerill, 3. AX32 Brody Chrystie, 4. AV14 Matt Gerlach, 5. MDA19 David Smith, 6. BGO56 Graham West, 7. N11 Jack Ramsdale, 8. GV94 Rachel Pratt, 9. HO31 Michael Hayden. Total Time: 2.25.837. Winning MarginL 1.032. Fastest Lap: 16.663AX32 Brody Chrystie.

Heat Five, 8 laps: 1. AV18 Chris Reick, 2. AX61 Matt Nelson, 3. RDL46 Kye Walters, 4. GV81 Rodney Burr, 5. N7 Andrew Blackwell, 6. MDA88 Ty Galley, 7. N16 Russell Felsovary, 8. NG87 Aaron Bunton, 9. P25 Chris Hayden. Total Time: 2.31.080. Winning Margin: 0.414. Fastest Lap: 16.820 RDL46 Kye Walters.

Heat Six, 8 laps: 1. AV7 Justin Drew, 2. MDA6 Wade McCarthy, 3. N13 Russell Bent, 4. RDL11 Darreb Cockerill, 5. HO33 Daniel Simpson, 6. HA36 Kellie Atkins, 7. N15 Dale Hallett. Total Time: 2.23.221. Winning Margin: 1.695. Fastest Lap: 16.776 AV7 Justin Drew.

Heat Seven, 8 laps: 1. N7 Andrew Blackwell, 2. AX32 Brody Chrystie, 3. N13 Russell Bent, 4. AV7 Justin Drew, 5. GV94 Rachel Pratt, 6. RDL11 Darren Cockerill, 7. N16 Russell Felsovary, 8. N11 Jack Ramsdale, 9. HO31 Michael Hayden. Total Time: 2.23.036. Winning Margin: 1.544. Fastest Lap: 17.016 Andrew Blackwell.

Heat Eight, 8 laps: 1. AX61 Matt Nelson, 2. MDA88 Ty Galley, 3. MDA4 Brock Atkins, 4. BGO56 Raham West, 5. MDA6 Wade McCarthy, 6. N15 Dale Hallett, 7. HA36 Kellie Atkins. DNF: P25 Chris Hayden (2). Total Time: 2.24.419. Winning Margin: 0.275. Fastest Lap: 17.229 MDA41 Brock Atkins.

Heat Nine, 8 laps: 1. AV14 Matt Gerlach, 2. HO33 Daniel Simpson, 3. RDL46 Kye Walters, 4. CR4 Nick Cockerill, 5. AV18 Chris Reick, 6. GV81 Rodney Burr, 7. NG87 Aaron Bunton, 8. MSSDA19 David Smith. Total Time: 2.24.686. Winning Margin: 0.405. Fastest Lap: 17.354 CR4 Nick Cockerill.

Pole Shuffle 1, 2 laps: 1. MDA4 Brock Atkins, 2. HO33 Daniel Simpson. Total Time: 45.267. Winning Margin: 0.475. Fastest Lap: 16.937 MDA4 Brock Atkins.

Pole Shuffle 2, 2laps: 1. AX32 Brody Chrystie, 2. MDA4 Brock Atkins. Total Time: 36.440. Winning Margin: 0.209. Fastest Lap: 17.308 AX32 Brody Chrystie.

Pole Shuffle 3, 2 laps: 1. AX61 Matt Nelson, 2. AX32 Brody Chrystie. Total Time: 52.385. Winning Margin: 1.499. Fastest Lap: 17.137 AX61 Matt Nelson.

Pole Shuffle 4, 2 laps: 1. N13 Russell Bent, 2. AX61 Matt Nelson. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.400. Fastest Lap: 17.405 AX61 Matt Nelson.

Pole Shuffle 5, 2 laps: 1. RDL46 Kye Walters, 2. N13 Russell Bent. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.395. Fastest Lap: 16.976 RDL46 Kye Walters.

Feature, 30 laps: 1. RDL46 Kye Walters, 2. MDA4 Brock Atkins, 3.AX61 Matt Nelson, 4. MDA6 Wade McCarthy, 5. AX32 Brody Chrystie, 6. MDA88 Ty Galley, 7. AV14 Matt Gerlach, 8. N7 Andrew Blackwell, 9. MDA19 David Smith, 10. RDL11 Darren Cockerill, 11. HA36 Kellie Atkins, 12. AV18 Chfris Reick, 13. GV81 Rodney Burr, 14. N11 Jack Ramsdale. DNF: CR4 Nick Cockerill (19), BGO56 Graham West (19), HO31 Michael Hayden (17), AV7 Justin Drew (16), NG87 Aaron Bunton (12), N13 Russell Bent (7), P25 Chris Hayden (4), Daniel Simpson (2), GV94 Rachel Pratt (2). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.041. Fastest Lap: 17.015 MDA4 Brock Atkins.

Points After Round Two

1 Andrew Blackwell 197
2 Brock Atkins 187
3 Kye Walters 180
4 Russell Bent 180
5 Matt Nelson 169
6 Wade McCarthy 151
7 Daniel Simpson 150
8 Nick Cockerill 142
9 Darren Cockerill 118
10 Brody Christie 117

Photo courtesy of Inaction Photos