Walters Is The New National Champion

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Latest News, Results


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Kye Walters has tonight won the Speedway Sedans Australia, Ian Boettcher Race Parts, Adam Holt Industries, National Modified Sedan Title at the IBRP Kingaroy Speedway.

In a great race which had only two stoppages, defending champion, Cameron Waters would start on the front row with Brodie Boss, while Aidan Raymont and Brock Atkins would start on the second row.
Waters got the best of the start, before Boss took the lead on lap three, with the pair joined by Aidan Raymont in a three way battle.

Raymont moved to second on lap four, as the trio continued the battle for the lead in a great battle as Kye Walters joined Brock Atkins in the battle for fourth.

Boss and Raymont started to move away from Waters, who then was joined by Atkins and Walters. For the next ten laps Boss and Raymont were separated by a car length in a classic race, as Boss suffered an issue with a spark plug, but Boss was not slowing down, with Aidan Raymont trying everything to pass Boss.

A stoppage on lap seventeen saw the demise of Tim Weir and Brett Barron, as the field regrouped. The stoppage allowed Walters to immediately pounce, moving to second place, as the defending champion retired on lap seventeen.

Walters ascension to the lead was complete on lap twenty one, as Boss succumbed to Aidan Raymonts continual attempts to pass in a thrilling race for the lead.

Walters had a lead of 2.108 seconds with fourteen laps remaining, while Raymont, Boss, Mark Raymont and Brock Atkins were separated by just 0.387, as the race was brought under caution for the second and final time, which saw the demise of Brody Chrystie.

On the resultant restart, Aidan Raymont did not allow Kye Walters to get away, as the pair opened a gap on the remainder of the field as Mark Raymont moved to third place at the expense of Brodie Boss.

Walters would be hounded by Raymont throughout the final ten laps, but Walters was able to hold a two car length advantage throughout, to go on and win his first National Title, after finishing second last year.

Raymont who was third last season would finish a gallant second while Mark Raymont would finish on the podium for the first time, a distant third, just ahead of Brodie Boss who did not put a foot wrong all weekend. Josh Crang, in just his second National Modified Sedan Title would finish fifth, while David Smith, who won the event in 2012 would finish sixth.

Earlier, one of the best B Mains in history was conducted with nine drivers fighting for the lead throughout the twenty lap event. Just 1.293 seconds separated the top eight, with Tim Weir passing numerous cars on the outside in the concluding stages to win from Kent Shelford, Rodney Burr and David Smith, while Adam Jorgensen and Jamie OMeara advanced to the B Main, after finishing first and second respectively in the C Main.

The event was witnessed by a near capacity crowd at the showground venue, while a new record audience watch the live streaming coverage.

A Main, 40 Laps: 1. A1 Cameron Waters, 2. Q82 Brodie Boss, 3. Q38 Aidan Raymont, 4. V43 Brock Atkins, 5. Q27 Mark Raymont, 6. Q23 Josh Crang, 7. V172 Martin Hawson, 8. V86 Kye Walters, 9. N37 Greg Worling, 10. Q121 Johnno Collins, 11. V92 Brody Chrystie, 12. Q33 Glenn Pagel, 13. N36 David Jacobi, 14. V57 Ashley Parkinson, 15. V83 Bryan Galley, 16. Q48 Brett Barron, 17. Q58 Tim Weir, 18. Q21 Kent Shelford, 19. V81 Rodney Burr, 20. V29 David Smith
Unofficial Result
1. V86 Kye Walters, 2. Q38 Aidan Raymont, 3. Q27 Mark Raymont, 4. Q82 Brodie Boss, 5. Q23 Josh Crang, 6. V29 David Smith, 7. V57 Ashley Parkinson, 8. N37 Greg Worling, 9. N36 David Jacobi, 10. Q121 Johnno Collins, 11. V172 Martin Hawson, 12. V81 Rodney Burr, 13. Q21 Kent Shelford (39 laps), 14. Q33 Glenn Pagel (39), 15. V43 Brock Atkins (36), 16. V92 Brody Chrystie (26), 17. A1 Cameron Waters (18), 18. Q58 Tim Weir (17), 19. Q48 Brett Barron (16), 20. V83 Bryan Galley (9). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.931, Fastest Lap: 16.730 Q38 Aidan Raymont

B Main, 20 Laps: 1. Q35 Kent Menzies, 2. Q21 Kent Shelford, 3. V29 David Smith, 4. Q55 Josh Harm, 5. Q58 Tim Weir, 6. Q93 Jason Beer, 7. Q54 Michael Shelford, 8. V81 Rodney Burr, 9. Q72 Shane Langton, 10. Q9 Rodney Pammenter, 11. V64 Wade McCarthy, 12. V41 Brad Warren, 13. Q19 Wayne Gilroy, 14. Q51 Tony Coomber, 15. W132 Mick Johnson, 16. Q44 Ashley Barron
1. Q58 Tim Weir, 2. Q21 Kent Shelford, 3. V81 Rodney Burr, 4. V29 David Smith, 5. Q19 Wayne Gilroy, 6. V64 Wade McCarthy, 7. Q51 Tony Coomber, 8. Q54 Michael Shelford, 9. Q55 Josh Harm, 10. Q72 Shane Langton, 11. W132 Mick Johnson, 12. Q26 Jamie OMeara, 13. Q35 Kent Menzies (5 laps), 14. Q9 Rodney Pammenter (5), 15. Q44 Ashley Barron (5), 16. Q25 Adam Jorgensen, 17. V41 Brad Warren (3). DNS: Q93 Jason Beer. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.177, Fastest Lap: 16.725 Q51 Tony Coomber

C Main, 19 Laps: 1. Q26 Jamie OMeara, 2. Q5 Corey Stein, 3. Q99 Sean Black, 4. Q25 Adam Jorgensen, 5. ACT3 Greg Stevenson, 6. Q68 Gary Pagel, 7. Q8 Lee Steffens, 8. Q28 Hayden Stephensen, 9. Q89 TJ Horne, 10. Q16 Jim Cowley, 11. W74 Allan Mortimer, 12. Q78 Peter Gray, 13. Q84 David Head, 14. Q62 Mark Carlin, 15. Q2 Shannon Blackburn, 16. Q75 Myles Gilroy, 17. Q111 Peter White, 18. Q71 Steve Jordan
1. Q25 Adam Jorgensen, 2. Q26 Jamie OMeara, 3. W74 Allan Mortimer, 4. Q84 David Head, 5. Q16 Jim Cowley, 6. Q71 Steve Jordan, 7. Q75 Myles Gilroy, 8. Q5 Corey Stein (16 laps), 9. Q22 Jack Cameron (15), 10. Q28 Hayden Stephensen (14), 11. Q62 Mark Carlin (9), 12. Q99 Sean Black (3), 13. Q78 Peter Gray, 14. Q2 Shannon Blackburn (3), 15. Q89 TJ Horne (3), 16. Q111 Peter White (2), 17. ACT3 Greg Stevenson (0), 18. Q68 Gary Pagel (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.768, Fastest Lap: 16.488 Q62 Mark Carlin