by | Feb 13, 2022 | SSA Modified Sedans, VIC

Press Release by Speedway Sedans Victoria

Kye Walters was able to cap off a strong night at the wheel of the A1 to secure his first Victorian Title win in Modified Sedans and add to an already impeccable trophy cabinet.

Speedway Fans and travelling Sedan families flocked to Portland’s Southern 500 Speedway for the SSA Victorian Modified Sedan Title for 2022.

The freshly revamped track and facilities instantly had expectation and excitement running high as most drivers looked to turn their first ever laps at the red clay bullring.

It wouldn’t be a fairytale start and much more of a nightmare for multiple cars that would come into grief before getting into their first heat.

Todd Atkins would never even turn a lap after a computer failure would rule out the HA36.

Ty Galley would ignite the engine block of the MDA00 in the hot lap session right before his heat and rule himself out of the night’s proceedings.

The P0 Falcon of Brock Atkins would also find itself infield after a right rear wheel would come a drift from the immaculate Atkins Family Racing car.

Chris Hayden would retire the P18 infield prematurely also joining the already staggering car count infield in heat races. Trevor Logan, Jacko Knight and Daniel Wilson would all DNF their first heat races after only getting to the midpoint.

The Australian Champion would open the cheque book first, with Walters driving the A1 to a narrow victory over Nick Cockerill who held out Kye for a good portion of the race.

Matt Gerlach was gracious in his victory of heat race 1B off the front row, while Wade McCarthy stampeded the MDA6 from the final row on the grid up to second.

The Merc was simply too quick in heat race 1C, the straight line speed of the MDA92 for Jarod Waters was unrivalled with Taleah Dolic in second.

Heat 2A would see the Jetsons record their first major, going the way of Jakobe Jetson getting the win in the T7 before scorching the motor directly following the race.

Brock Atkins would slice up a tyre and return infield again with Chris Hayden in a plume of steam.

Darcy Wilson would have his best result thus far with a drive up to second in the B5. Racing would be fiercely contested in heat 2B, Mark Deckert would lead the opening few laps before coming under fire from Nick Cockerill and Corey Jetson.

Jetson would cross the line first but would be revoked two places for a passing infringement giving the official win to Nick Cockerill.

Aaron Bunton would lock down the N87 in heat race 2C getting a comfortable win over Daniel Simpson and Chris Reick.

Brock Atkins would finally record himself some points in heat race 3A.

Atkins would run from deep in the field to muster up a second place to a fast finishing Brody Chrystie in front aboard the AX32.

Jarod Waters would manage yet another heat race win and the only driver to win two in heat 3B, while the ever present RDL11 of Nick Cockerill would be right there in second.

The three time Queensland Street Stock champion, Matt Nelson would storm the AX61 home to secure the win for Nelo with Wade McCarthy tucked in close for second.

Following the heat races, the top 16 qualifiers would seed directly into the 35 lap Main Event with the final four places to be decided by a 15 Lap B Main.

Nick Cockerill and the RDL11 would be the pole sitter and highest points after a heat win and two second finishes, while Kye Walters occupy the outside front row.

With the B Main running flag to flag, it would be Brock Atkins taking the first transfer spot, taking with him Lennie Clark, Lucas Conder and Dale Hallett.

Cars would roll onto the main straight away to line up for the storied 35 Lap Main Event to crown a new Victorian Modified Sedan Champion.

Rod Smith from Lowan Steel Constructions and Heywood Hydraulic Services would present every qualifier with a medallion before the cars were fired into life ready for war.

Cockerill would lead the opening few laps before a heartbreaking moment breaking a front rim and taking the pole sitter out of the event.

Walters would grab the lead and run. Matt Gerlach would also retire at this point along with Lucas Conder. A race of attrition would soon ensue as Wade McCarthy and Taleah Dolic would retire shortly after.

Brody Chrystie, Shane Roycroft and Aaron Bunton would be the next to suffer the same fate while the Australian Champion continued to stretch the legs of the Falcon.

The horror movie continued for Brock Atkins after driving from the B Main up to fifth place right before power steering let go and the P0 became a major handful on the bullring.

Battling through lap traffic, Kye Walters continued to distance himself from the field as Matt Nelson and Jarod Waters traded blows.

Lennie Clark managed to sift his way through the field from the B Main also and run in an incredible fifth spot through the middle of the surface.

Matt Nelson managed to diminish a once 4 second gap to the Walters car in front back to a 1.5 second split but it wouldn’t be closer enough as Kye Walters would finally get the Victoria #1 plate he had long searched for.

Matt Nelson would step second with Jarod Waters, Daniel Simpson and Lennie Clark making up the top five. Corey Jetson drove the T6 up to position six with Darcy Wilson having a huge pedal up to seventh.

Graham West hung in there for eighth with Mark Deckert and Dale Hallett finalising the top ten and the last of the finishers with Chris Reick pulling infield with two to run.

Walters adds one last number one plate to the Falcon before his Australian Title plate goes on the line at Heartland Raceway Moama in a month’s time for the SSA National Modified Sedan Title.

Despite having a hard luck run in all the heats, Chris Hayden driving the P18 for Ferguson Motorsport was graciously awarded best Presented Team by Speedway Sedans Victoria.

Official Result of the 2022 SSA Modified Sedan Victorian State TitleA Main, 35 Laps- 1. A1 Kye Walters, 2. AX61 Matt Nelson, 3. MDA92 Jarod Waters, 4. HO33 Daniel Simpson, 5. BGO8 Lennie Clark (34), 6. T6 Corey Jetson (34), 7. B5 Darcy Wilson (34), 8. BGO56 Graham West (34), 9. HO4 Mark Deckert (34), 10. N15 Dale Hallett (33), 11. AV18 Chris Reick (33), DNF P0 Brock Atkins (25), NG87 Aaron Bunton (16), W82 Shane Roycroft (12), AX32 Brody Chrystie (11), MDA33 Taleah Dolic (9), MDA6 Wade McCarthy (7), RDL11 Nick Cockerill (3), AV14 Matt Gerlach (3), B9 Lucas Conder (2).