Victorian Junior Sedan Title This Weekend At Hamilton

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Forty six drivers will contest this weekends, Speedway Sedans Victoria, Junior Sedan Title at the Western Speedway, Hamilton.

To be contested this Friday and Saturday night, the field is a high quality field with drivers from Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia joining a strong list of Victorians.

Kasey Garlick and Todd Atkins, along with Courtney Meakins will be very hard to stop across the two days of competition, with Erik Wallace from Queensland, also a major threat.


V4 Jaxson Vella
V5 Ben Micallef
V6 Connor Claridge
V7 Bradin Claridge
V8 Mitch Glynn
V10 Breanna Simpson
V11 Kasey Ferguson
S12 Max Richter
V14 Todd Moule
V15 William Shore
S16 Corey Richter
V17 Todd Atkins
V19 Tenayah Barton
V23 Jamie Pumpa
V24 Jeremy Gorski
V32 Diesel Fallon
V33 Bailey Rumler
V37 Matt Michelson
V41 Dillon Taylor
V43 Toby Parks
S44 Thomas Richter
V46 Jye Irving
V48 Linken Paterson
V51 Lachie Bull
S54 Ryan Harry
S55 Sharni Pitcher
S58 Nate Trewin
V61 Logan Mair
V62 Kasey Garlick
V77 Cody Reed
V84 Courtney Meakins
V85 Rhys Meakins
V88 Peter Monaro
V95 Bailey Pitcher
V96 Natalie Odonnell
V99 Harry Orme
V104 Tahlia Ahearn
NT108 Shane Greening
V110 Carter Metcalfe
V111 Chloe Sheerman
V117 Darcy Micallef
S119 Brad Gartner
S123 Kirra-Lee Pitcher
Q143 Erik Wallace
v146 Jacob Pitcher
V151 Kiarna Barton

Photo: Courtney Meakins