by | Jul 11, 2021 | SSA Junior Sedans, WA

Images by Richard Hathway Photography

Moora’s Taj Vanzetti has driven an outstanding fifteen lap finale for the SSA Top Star Junior Sedans at today’s 34th Annual Far Western Championships held at the Shark Bay Speedway in Western Australia.

Current Western Australian Champion Jhy Pack was the form driver throughout the heat racing competition earlier in the day and lead the early laps of the main event.

Newman’s Donny Davis aboard his Mitsubishi Lancer was soon in the lead with Vanzetti quickly finding a way past Pack for the runner up position.

Vanzetti and Davis then began to negotiate the lap traffic with Davis unfortunately making contact with the Hyundai Excel of Alyvia Ferraro forcing Davis to resume the race from the rear of the field at the restart.

During the yellow stoppages Jhy Pack would take his car to the infield with suspected suspension damage from minor contact with the concrete wall as the race came to a stop.

Vanzetti controlled the race until its conclusion crossing the line 1.2 seconds ahead of Travis Strelley and Narrogin’s Brody Day the placegetters in what was a hard fought SSA Junior Sedan race.

Jesse James Samuels was the leading New Star Junior Sedan driver on the day surviving a handful of restarts to claim the biggest win of his short Speedway career.

Samuels won the twelve lap main event by over five seconds as Haylee Strelley inherited second place on the final circulation as local Shark Bay competitor Tayla Burton spun and fell to third place.

Jesse James Samuels

The SSA Junior Sedans once again attracted a field from across the state as the majority of the competitors from today’s race meeting will be in action at different venues in the weeks ahead.

Official Results of the 34th Annual Far Western Championships for SSA Junior Sedans.

SSA Top Star A Main, 15 Laps- 1. W121 Taj Vanzetti, 2. W17 Travis Strelley, 3. W8 Brody Day, 4. W24 Cade Munro, 5. W4 Emma Ahearn, 6. W7 Olivia Earle, 7. W84 Zak Turner, 8. W64 Makayla Hinsey, 9. W71 Chayse Jackson, 10. W3 Donny Davis, 11. W67 Ella Rocetti, 12. W25 Alyvia Ferraro, 13. W47 Beau Morgan (14). DNF: WA1 Jhy Pack (12), W40 Vince Lindsay (0). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.247. Fastest Lap: 19.266 W121 Taj Vanzetti.

SSA New Star A Main, 12 Laps- 1. W31 Jesse James Samuels, 2. W7 Haylee Strelley, 3. W77 Tayla Burton, 4. W9 Kaylee Francis, 5. W11 Bodhi Garner (11), 6. W25 Jacob Lathwell (11), 7. W24 Chloe Lawton (11), 8. W27 Lilly Hollands (11). DQ: W88 Brody Child. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 5.290. Fastest Lap: 20.888 W31 Jesse James Samuels.