Unprecedented Ninth Title For Jonic

by | Jan 6, 2019 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Ardie Jonic has won an unprecedented ninth State Title, when he won the Queensland Junior Sedan Title, at the Corbets Group, Mothar Mountain Speedway on Saturday night.

Jonic, who previous won the Queensland Title in 2017, started the Title race from pole alongside Casey OConnell, with Braith Hogan and Victorian Kasey Garlick starting on the second row.

Jonic immediately took the lead, followed by Hogan, OConnell and Garlick.

Jonic opened up a commanding lead on the opposition in the opening laps, with the first of three stoppages occurring on lap six, with Hayden Brims bringing on the yellow lights.

On the resultant restart, Hogan stayed with Jonic leading by just 0.319 when the second stoppage occurred on lap nine.

Again Hogan stayed with Jonic, while nothing separated OConnell, Garlick and Kurtis Peall who were fighting for third place.

The third and final restart came after lap fifteen, which is where Kasey Garlick made her move, taking third place, while Jonic finally broke the resistance of Hogan, moving to a five car length lead in the concluding stages, to record his ninth State Title victory, a week out before he defends his National Title.

Braith Hogan drove a great race to finish second, while Kasey Garlick finished third. OConnell, Peall and Ryan Harris completed the top six, on a great night of Junior Sedan racing on the Mountain.

A Main, 20 Laps: 1. A1 Ardie Jonic, 2. B48 Casey OConnell, 3. RK72 Braith Hogan, 4. V62 Kasey Garlick, 5. N48 Ryan Harris, 6. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 7. CN43 Erik Wallace, 8. N77 Hayden Brims, 9. V85 Rhys Meakins, 10. RK8 Michael Larsen, 11. B19 JJ Hamilton, 12. C74 Ellie Peacock, 13. G3 William Pagel, 14. N71 Zac Brims, 15. V14 Todd Moule, 16. V84 Courtney Meakins, 17. SC8 Dakota Laverty, 18. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 19. W108 Blake Webb, 20. N88 Lachlan Harris
1. A1 Ardie Jonic, 2. RK72 Braith Hogan, 3. V62 Kasey Garlick, 4. B48 Casey OConnell, 5. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 6. N48 Ryan Harris, 7. CN43 Erik Wallace, 8. V14 Todd Moule, 9. N77 Hayden Birms, 10. C74 Ellie Peacock, 11. RK8 Michael Larsen, 12. SC8 Dakota Laverty, 13. V84 Courtney Meakins, 14. W108 Blake Webb, 15. N88 Lachlan Harris, 16. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 17. G3 William Pagel, 18. N71 Zac Brims, 19. JJ Hamilton (19 laps), 20. V85 Rhys Meakins (16). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.162, Fastest Lap: 19.451 A1 Ardie Jonic (RECORD)