Photos by Darrell Lockhart

Former Queensland SSA Street Stock Champion Robert Trapp has narrowly held off Peter Thompson to claim victory in the Coolum Beach Getaway Resort King of the Mountain Title held at the Corbet’s Group Mothar Mountain Speedway on Saturday Night.

In what was a great night of racing from a plethora of Speedway Sedans Australia classes, the SSA Street Stocks turned it on the throughout the thirty laps of Australia’s most unique venue.

Queensland Champion Chris Pagel won the Masondale Haulage backed SSA Production Sedan twenty lapper with fellow Queensland champion in the SSA National 4’s Justin Weir capping off a great week by claiming another victory in his popular Ford Escort.

Chris Pagel won by over eleven seconds in the SSA Production Sedan Main Event

Glenn Pagel showed his experience in the SSA Modified Sedans aboard his Geritz Earthmoving Holden Commodore defeating the form driver in the class in Queensland in Brisbane’s Darran Lester with Tim Weir third.

The Corbet’s Group Mothar Mountain Speedway will take a short break before a bumper show on Sunday 27th December 2020 with the SSA Super Sedans Summer Slam and SSA Modified Sedans Summer Shootout on the card.

Official Results

SSA Street Stocks Coolum Beach Getaway Resort King of the Mountain Title Feature Race, 30 Laps- 1. CR23 Robert Trapp, 2. CR99 Peter Thompson, 3. SC13 Steve Cook, 4. BB94 Brandon Hough, 5. C64 John Stoward, 6. SC39 Gordon Midolo, 7. CR31 Luke Wilkinson, 8. G11 David Priddy, 9. SB97 Greg Langton, 10. CR88 Gary Bonwick

SSA Production Sedans Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. Q1 Chris Pagel, 2. SC36 Sarah Franz, 3. G16 Aaron Sander, 4. G10 Daniel Henshaw, 5. G17 Neil Keldoulis, 6. G81 Jamie Beasmore, 7. SC61 Jim Cowley, 8. G5 Kelly TeRanginui (18), 9. SB22 Charlotte Christensen (18), 10. B45 Josh Manser (17), 11. DNF SC23 Adrian Stott (1)

SSA Modified Sedans Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. G4 Glenn Pagel, 2. B59 Darran Lester, 3. G58 Tim Weir, 4. BB92 Tim Gaffel, 5. G18 Nigel Mulvena, 6. SB11 Chris Hams, 7. G23 Brendan Cowley (19), DNF G5 Brett Baxter (6), G97 Brad Yarrow (2)

SSA National 4’s Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. Q1 Justin Weir, 2. G52 Alistair Mathers, 3. SC13 Matt Bielby, 4. C44 Mark Brownsey (14), 5. G10 Gary Cartwright (14), 6. SB38 Mike Webber (13), DNF SC51 Andrew Pickering (0)

SSA Junior Sedans Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. G27 Joshua Rigby, 2. G28 Aidan Rigby, 3. BB88 Billy Macdonald, 4. G3 William Pagel, 5. SB27 Hannah Christensen, 6. G21 Hayley Spence (17), DNF G8 Braydon Steffens (11), BB17 AJ Macdonald (11)