by | Mar 13, 2022 | SA, SSA Junior Sedans

Bordertown’s Aaron Tranter has claimed victory in the 2022 SSA Junior Sedan South Australian State Title held last night at the Riverland Speedway in Renmark against a strong field of competitors from across the country.

Thirty one competitors took part in the first state title of the season for Speedway Sedans South Australia at the tight confines of the Renmark venue.

Nine qualifying heats were held across the evening with fifteen competitors contesting the fifteen lap B Main.

Jack Murphy in the ACT55 Mitsubishi Lancer advanced through as did Victorians Kiarna Barton, Lachie Bull and South Australian Henry Brumfield.

Mildura’s Carter Metcalfe pole position for the main event sharing the front row with Aaron Tranter.Metcalfe lead the early laps before collecting the wall ending the race of the exceptional talent from the Sunraysia region.

From that point on Tranter survived the numerous to go one better than 2021 where he was the runner up in the South Australian State Title that was held in Mount Gambier.

Kaine Richters from Bundaberg in Queensland was a fine runner up ahead of Victorians Jayden Bryant & Linken Paterson with Lachlan Brown from Mount Barker rounding out the top five.

Official Result of the 2022 SSA Junior Sedan South Australian State Title

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. S45 Aaron Tranter, 2. BB32 Kaine Richters, 3. AX49 Jayden Bryant, 4. AX48 Linken Paterson, 5. S9 Lachlan Brown, 6. S46 Lucas Warnett, 7. SH51 Lachie Bull, 8. ACT55 Jack Murphy, 9. S2 Ky McEwin, 10. AX10 Bree Simpson (19), 11. NT43 River Spitzbarth (19), 12. N19 Kiarna Barton (19), 13. S91 Henry Brumfield (19), 14. MDA32 Diesel Fallon (19), DNF AX51 Jack Randall (18), T84 Lachlan Robins (17), AX93 Seth Sloane (10), AX47 River Paterson (9), MDA10 Carter Metcalfe (5), MDA15 Will Shore (0).