Top Gun Attracts Strong Field

by | May 11, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The Annual Street Stock Top Gun will be held this Saturday night at the Timmis Speedway Mildura, with an incredibly strong field entered.

National Champion, Anthony Beare heads the line-up, which includes former National Champions Brad McClure, Rhys Heinrich and Mark Jennings.

In excess of thirty drivers have entered for the event, at the venue which will next host the National Title.

Corey Sandow, who finished second in the National Title and recently finished second in the West Australian Title is also entered, along with Steven Watts, Morris Ahearn, Darren Giacometti, Jason DeGoldi and Jason Duell to name just a few in the very strong field.

RDL4 Dean Jenkins
M4 Morris Ahearn
W5 Steven Watts
N11 Rhys Heinrich
RDL12 Darren Giacometti
S14 Nigel Reichstein
MDA17 Jason Faux
B18 Brooke Ferguson
S18 Jason Duell
C18 Ricky Throckmorton
B19 Lewis Clark
AX19 Eugene Bennett
MDA21 Todd Rose
S21 Mark Jennings
MDA22 Corey Sandow
MDA23 Trevor Logan
RDL24 Brad McClure
S27 Cade Cox
RDL27 Jason DeGoldi
MDA32 Gary Fallon
RDL37 Darryl Atkinson
S38 Mark Gartner
B39 Cameron Dike
S46 Anthony Beare
B48 Mick Clark
S58 Neville Nitscke
AX61 Matt Nelson
B62 Jayden Blomeley
S63 Steve Heinrich
S67 Corey Knox
MDA79 Wade Fell
AX81 Dylan Campton
MDA83 Scott Mason
S86 Bailey Heinrich
S87 Jayden Edwards
S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr

Above: Anthony Beare, photo courtesy of Snapperific Photography