by | Jan 16, 2022 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

Images by 44 Photography

Speedway Sedans Australia classes again featured heavily during night two of the 2022 Pro1 Race Parts T-Bar Nationals at the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway in Queensland on Saturday evening.

Victorian Matt Nelson who is also the current Queensland Street Stock Champion collected his second twenty lap feature win in as many nights in the fourth round of the Engage Ag Ironman Series.

National Production Sedan Champion Joel Berkley lead the first five laps of the Moore Trailers backed main event for the SSA Production Sedans before heading infield after a great start with after suffering an engine failure.

Former Queensland Champion Chris Pagel took the lead from Levi O’Brien with eleven laps remaining to claim victory after not even racing on Friday night.

Pagel survived a five lap restart to hold off O’Brien with Maddi McGee narrowly finishing third from the fast finishing Allan Nash.

Earlier in the program Maryborough’s Jayden Hancock won his second feature race in twenty four hours aboard his Mitsubishi Lancer in the SSA Junior Sedan Feature Race.

All three classes will return to the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway later in the season to round out their respective series.Official Results

SSA Junior Sedan Feature Race A Main, 15 Laps- M7 Jayden Hancock, 2. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 3. BB32 Kaine Richters, 4. ACT55 Jack Murphy, 5. B19 JJ Hamilton, 6. N36 Indiana Butcher, 7. BB17 AJ Macdonald, 8. SC27 Cooper Flynn, 9. C58 Hayden Stewart, 10. CR12 Bailey Payne, 11. CR7 Em Whell, 12. B23 Harry Fowler (14), 13. T25 Livi Jorgensen (14), 14. MK27 Jack Menzies (14), 15. C7 Riley Killick (13), DNF CR22 Ben Frasle (11), Quick Time M7 Jayden Hancock 17.630.

SSA Street Stock A Main, 20 Laps- V1 Matt Nelson, 2. SB193 Darren Ciesiolka, 3. CR31 Luke Wilkinson, 4. C99 Peter Thompson, 5. N38 Ben Cartwright, 6. C13 Steve Cook, 7. RK37 Ken Carroll, 8. CR59 Ricky Gill, 9. N5 Luke Gray, 10. BB47 Beau Pieters, 11. N6 Corey Foyle, 12. C164 John Stoward, 13. BB87 Jessica Dakin-Masters, 14. N81 Chris Marino (19), DNF SB97 Matt Langton (16), C69 Michael Hillhouse (16), C94 Jason Killick (16), CR88 Gary Bonwick (6), CR23 Robert Trapp (6), Quick Time V61 Matt Nelson 17.401.

SSA Production Sedan A Main, 20 Laps- 1. G2 Chris Pagel, 2. SC99 Levi O’Brien, 3. SB32 Maddi McGee, 4. BB2 Allan Nash, 5. N53 Ash Graham, 6. N81 Matthew Layton, 7. M23 Jeff Peacock, 8. CR57 Thomas Fuller, 9. SB18 Brett Barron, 10. RK46 Kory Jennings, 11. RK18 DJ Lennon, 12. CR9 Ashley McKellar, 13. SC61 Jim Cowley, 14. N2 Shane Holmgreen, 15. SC23 Adrian Stott, 16. SB22 Charlotte Christensen, 17. RK33 Tyson Jennings, 18. SB68 Norm Townsend (19), 19. C58 Jayden Clarkson (19), DNF M17 Darryn Reid (15), Q1 Joel Berkley (5), N55 Madison Harkins (2), C99 Jack Kay (0), DQ N7 Zac MacDonald, Quick Time G2 Chris Pagel 16.975.