by | Nov 21, 2020 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA National 4s, SSA Production Sedans

Image by 44 Photography

The first state title of the 2020/2021 season is on offer tomorrow night at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway in Queensland.

Eight different manufacturer brands with twenty different models of car are contesting the SSA National 4’s QLD State Title as Tim Weir looks to win his fourth title in succession.

Brock Hancock, Brodie King along with Tim Weir have all claimed a feature race win already this season with a good mix of FWD and RWD cars across the nominations.

SSA Production Sedans and SSA Junior Sedans are contesting the third rounds of their series at Maryborough as nominations continue to be outstanding for the start of the new summer season.

The third round of the McCosker Super Sedan Series rounds out what is going to be an awesome night of Speedway Sedan racing.

More information regarding COVID-19 protocols and entry times please head to the Maryborough Speedway Facebook page or at www.maryboroughspeedway.com.au.


SSA National 4’s QLD State Title (27)
SC02 Mark Troth
N46 Brodie King
SB24 Clinton Lawrence
SB38 Michael Webber
C99 Jim Cowley
CR9 Michael Graham
G84 Hayden Turner
SC13 Matt Bielby
C43 Ryan Schultz
M31 Russell Booth
SC71 Matthew Claydon
CR46 Darren Brumpton
C50 Dan Smith
G10 Gary Cartwright
SC51 Andrew Pickering
SC21 Jordan Schultz
SC37 Rodney Midolo
SC53 Brock Hancock
G7 Justin Weir
G17 Tim Weir (Q1)
SC14 Harrison Chown
SC45 Scott Manser
G52 Alistair Mathers
SC72 Mark Littlehales
SC7 Jason Burns
G5 Darryl Oliver
M16 Deon Cook

SSA Junior Sedans Round 3, Pro 1 Series (32)
LAC29 Zac Brims TS
C99 Levi OBrien TS
BB31 Patrick Ray TS
BB10 Kurtis Peall TS
BB7 Coen Herwig NS
C44 Sam James NS
MK27 Jack Menzies NS
RK33 Tyson Jennings NS
LAC5 Jacob Waller NS
M21 Mitchell Bayfield NS
M18 Bryce Bayfield TS
MK3 Chloe Lebeter NS
BB81 Mitch Wogandt TS
G27 Josh Rigby TS
G28 Aidan Rigby TS
C58 Hayden Stewart NS
G21 Hayley Spence NS
BB17 AJ MacDonald NS
BB88 Billy MacDonald TS
SB 27 Hannah Christensen NS
SC 12 Tristan Knowles NS
M67 Linkin Huth TS
M68 Jebadiah Huth NS
BB8 Abbey Peall NS
SC17 Connor Smith NS
RK43 Braydon Storer TS
BB25 Abby Smith NS
M17 Cooper Reid TS
M7 Jayden Hancock TS
M32 Kaine Richters TS
M14 Jaiden Torrisi TS
M27 Cooper Flynn NS

SSA Production Sedans Round 3, IBRP Super Series (25)
M63 Brayden Pacey
RK67 Tony Wust
M20 Shaun Ryan
M8 James Ryan
SB 44 Mitchell Bleys
SC30 Leonie Knight
SB11 Josh Harm
SB26 Nic Bleys
M23 Alan Stewart
RK46 Kory Jennings
GL10 Kayla stokes
SC23 Adrian Stott
SB9 Joel Berkley
GL71 Shawn Ingham
M33 Brandon Jarius
M3 Josh Jarius
SB88 Nathan barbeler
GL91 Timmy Coomber
C99 Jack Kay
SC28 Stephen Freeman
GL15 Richard Cook
M36 Tanya Mathews
BB22 Zachary Harris
SB7 Travis Hutchison
BB26 Gary Harris Jnr