by | Mar 5, 2021 | SSA Modified Sedans, TAS

Image by Angryman Photography

Three drivers are tied on points after night one of the 2020/2021 SSA Modified Sedans Tasmanian State Title which is being held at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway this weekend.

National Champion Kye Walters, Victorian Todd Atkins and five time Tasmanian Champion Andy Russell are all tied at the top of the points standings after a win and a third place each from the two rounds of competition.

Brock Atkins in the V0 Ford Falcon had a consistent night recording two runner up placing, with former runner up in the event Trent Quillerat winning heat three of the State Title.

A prelude non points main event was held at the conclusion of proceedings with Todd Atkins narrowly defeating Walters and older brother Brock.

Each competitor will have one more ten lap heat race ahead of the forty lap main event tomorrow night to decide the Tasmanian Modified Sedan Champion.

Official Results

Heat One, Ten Laps- 1. T26 Andy Russell , 2. T6 Corey Jetson, 3. V36 Todd Atkins, 4. T22 Luke Gunn, 5. T46 Trent Quillerat, 6. T27 Joshua Marston, 7. T31 Keith Blair, DNF T3 Tomas Hext (1)

Heat Two, Ten Laps- 1. A1 Kye Walters , 2. V0 Brock Atkins, 3. T21 Joshua Stephens, 4. T5 Brad Herbert, 5. T44 John Moles, 6. T4 Barry Youl, 7. T36 Timmy McCulloch, 8. T64 Trent Andrews (9), DNF T12 Sam Gunn (0)

Heat Three, Ten Laps- 1. T46 Trent Quillerat, 2. T21 Joshua Stephens, 3. A1 Kye Walters , 4. T27 Joshua Martson, 5. T6 Corey Jetson, 6. T12 Sam Gunn, 7. T4 Barry Youl, 8. T44 John Moles, DNS T64 Trent Andrews

Heat Four, Ten Laps- 1. V36 Todd Atkins , 2. V0 Brock Atkins, 3. T26 Andy Russell, 4. T22 Luke Gunn, 5. T5 Brad Herbert, 6. T36 Timmy McCulloch, DNF T31 Keith Blair (6), T2 Tomas Hext (2)

The Unofficial Point Score After Night One of the 2020/2021 SSA Modified Sedan Tasmanian State Title

1. V36 Todd Atkins 59

2. A1 Kye Walters 59

3. T26 Andy Russell 59

4. V0 Brock Atkins 56

5. T21 Joshua Stephens 51

6. T46 Trent Quillerat 49

7. T6 Corey Jetson 41

8. T22 Luke Gunn 34

9. T5 Brad Herbert 30

10. T27 Joshua Marston 27

11. T44 John Moles 19

12. T4 Barry Youl 18

13. T36 Timmy McCulloch 18

14. T31 Keith Blair 16

15. T12 Sam Gunn 15

16. T3 Tomas Hext 12

17. T64 Trent Andrews 6