The WA Street Stock Title Promises Plenty

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Speedway Sedans WA have today released the field for the WA Street Stock Title to be held at the Carnarvon Speedway on Friday, 27 April 2018 and Saturday, 28 April 2018.

A field of forty seven drivers will converge on the Gascoyne region, with drivers coming from Kununurra in the North, Kalgoorlie in the East, and Albany in the South. The field has been strengthened by the entry of Corey Sandow, after his stunning second placing at the National Title in Adelaide.

The field includes former National Champion, Michael Hamon, and former State Champion Wayne Thomson, who last won the event in 2004. Since that time, the event has been dominated by Anthony Beare, Jason Oldfield and Jamie Oldfield with the trio winning nine titles, including the last eight, spanning back to 2009.

The field is a very strong one, with all but Thomson looking to win their very first State Title.

Michael Hamon, Peter Herbert, Ethan Genev, Jack Barnewall, Paul Briggs and Tim Coxall are just some of the drivers who have been in excellent form in recent months and should all figure prominently.

Official Nominations in Roof Number order:

W00 Hamish Macalpine
W3 Gavin Minty
W4 Ethan Genev
W5 Jeff Rogers
W6 Hayden Norman
W7 Michael Hamon
W9 Marty Kelly
W10 Damon Thomson
W11 Rowan Drysdale
W12 Paul Briggs
W14 Clint Hadley (16)
W15 Wayne Thomson
W16 Jack Barnewall
W17 Bradley Minshull
W19 Jamie Terkildsen
W21 Evan Wakefield
V22 Corey Sandow
W23 Steven Griffiths
W24 Brodie Dunn (44)
W25 Peter Huntjens
W26 David Padmore
W27 Damon Lyall
W28 Tim Coxall
W29 Jake Hoath
W31 Cody Avins
W32 Ben Ferris
W35 Craig Clayton
W37 Kane Munro
W39 Allan Couper
W42 Matt Herbert
W44 Peter Herbert
W47 Jarrod Rick
W49 Stephen O’Dowd (19)
W52 Paul Bowman
W55 Jace Kempton
W57 Jeremy Ferris (37)
W62 Shane Beaumont
W66 Ben Norman
W72 Russell Gunn
W74 Jhye Kent
W77 Barry Mason
W79 David Linthorne (19)
W81 Damien Amato
W85 Peter Dowie (88)
W88 Wade Mason
W199 Phil Lycholit
W318 Freddy Kinsella

Above: Michael Hamon looking to win his first State Title. Photo courtesy of Fastlane Photography