by | Apr 29, 2022 | NT, SSA Street Stocks

The Tennant Creek Speedway located nearly one thousand kilometres south of Darwin is set to play host to the 2022 SSA Street Stock Northern Territory Title this Saturday Night.

Twenty four entries have been received as defending champion Justin Brumfield returns to the territory after finishing third in the Victorian State Title last weekend in Swan Hill.

Former Northern Territory Champions Jason Duell (Arunga Park 2018) & Darren Brumfield (Northline 2008) are both entered with Brumfield finishing second in 2021 in Katherine.

South Australian Champion Bailey Heinrich is joined by fellow “croweaters’ Aaron Tyler & Nathan Brumfield.

Competitors will have the opportunity to take part in a two hour practice session on Friday Night ahead of three rounds of heats and thirty five lap main event on Saturday Night.

Nominations (24)

NT0 Cody Hodgins

NT1 Justin Brumfield

NT4 Thomas Berry

NT7 Colin Menzies

NT8 Shane Greening

NT11 Jake Koivumaki

NT14 Michael Jones

NT15 Jack Yates

S18 Jason Duell

NT26 Allan Spence

NT31 Kane Lloyd

NT38 Timothy Button

NT44 Megan Henderson

SA49 Aaron Tyler

SA51 Nathan Brumfield

NT53 Lucas Fry

NT63 Jamie Yates

NT65 Bradley Shadforth

NT69 Samantha Radford

NT74 Michelle Gill

NT75 Jack Thomsen

S86 Bailey Heinrich (SA1)

S91 Darren Brumfield

NT99 Jayden Giezendanner