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Press Release Courtesy of the Super Sedan Association, Image by Darrell Lockhart

Mothar Mountain is one of Sam Roza’s favourite tracks since he came into the sport in Junior Sedans in 2008.

By his own admission however the track has been a bogey one where he has failed to finish on many occasions in the Super Sedan but that is no more as the twenty five year old has led from flag to flag to secure his first ever feature win in a Super Sedan.

Second was Trent Wilson (Sweet 44) and third was Sean Black (Sweet 26).

Another terrific crowd was on hand to at the Corbet’s Group Gympie Speedway for round nine of the McCosker Super Sedan Series which was supported by Ian Boettcher Race Parts. Unfortunately Matty Pascoe, Mick Nicola, Colin Kaine and Craig Craft were all scratchings during the week and unluckily the Rocket of Tania Smith had a component failure during wheel packing and would take no further part in the event.

As a result eighteen cars competed in six heat races. Heat winners were Darren Kane (Dominator Aus 1), Sean Black, Gavin Northfield (Dominator 15), Sam Roza (Sweet 77), Nicholas O’Keeffe (Sweet 20) and Trent Wilson.

The top ten in points were Sam Roza 112, Sean Black 104, Darren Kane 96, Gary Pagel 92 (Dominator 5), Trent Wilson 88, Steve Jordan 88 (Dominator 7), Nicholas O’Keeffe 86, Justin Smithwick 78 (Sweet 63), Josh McLaren 76 (Sweet 96) and Gavin Northfield 76.

The top six then drew for positions with the results being 1. Darren Kane, 2. Sam Roza, 3. Steve Jordan, 4. Gary Pagel, 5. Sean Black, 6. Trent Wilson.

Thirty laps was the feature distance for the starters however Steve Jordan was unable to take up his place as the right rear deflated on the rolling laps. Sam Roza got the best of the start and was straight into the lead followed by Kane, Black and Pagel.

The first caution was on lap 7 for a spin by Brendon Kelly. On the Delaware restart Black and Wilson moved by Kane, another driver on the move was rookie Zac Pascoe who after starting in fourteenth was now up to position nine. The next caution was on lap fourteen for Darren Kane who had broken right front suspension after some contact. The top five after the restart were Roza, Black, Wilson, Pagel and Smithwick, Zac Pascoe was continuing his charge at this point was up to sixth.

The final caution in the race was on lap 18 for an incident at the hairpin and would see Craig Hammond banished to the infield as the prime cause. Armstrong and O’Keeffe received damage and would take no further part.

The final restart once again saw the Delaware line up in place and Wilson made good use of the highline to depose of  Black and take over second place, fourth was now Zac Pascoe and fifth was Josh McLaren. Sam Roza drove the last 12 laps faultlessly and brought his Ford Wreckers Redcliffe Ford Mustang to the chequered flag, leading all 30 laps and picking up his first feature win in Super Sedans.

Trent Wilson had his best result for the season in second with Sean Black rounding out the podium. Zac Pascoe finished fourth and received the trophy for first place in the Development Series. Josh McLaren also picked up his best result for the season collecting fifth place.

Sam Roza had a near perfect night with two seconds and a first in qualifying and then leading the entire feature. Sam said today “finally broke the bad luck curse with finally finishing a feature at Gympie and did it in the best possible way”.

The Sweet 77 of Sam Roza is sponsored by Ford Wreckers Redcliffe, Oz Race Wraps, Tasman Racewear, Autosmart North Brisbane, Beedhams Brake and Exhaust, 44 Photography, Parkers Body Shop, Redcliffe Towing and Australian Auto Hoses. He thanked Mum, Dad, Michael and  Declan for their hard work during the night.

The second placed car of Trent Wilson is sponsored by Molytec Australia, Ultraloc, Isuzu Trucks Townsville, Northern Hard Surfacers, Les Wells Steel, Castrol, Hair & Soul with Lauren Kate, NQ Wheels & Castors, Bea Sheetmetal, Grampians Equipment Hire, Pure Vibe Event Hire, Advantage Tyres and Sweet Chassis. When asked today about his night Trent said “heat racing was tough on a tricky track.

The restarts in the feature were crucial, I’m absolutely stoked to get second after some awesome clean racing with Sean, Darren and Gary. I’d like to say big congrats to Sam on his first win and to Sean on his third place”.

Third placed Sean Black played his Joker and as a result had a very good points haul which will see him back in the lead of the McCosker Series. This played heavily on Sean’s driving in the feature as he pointed out today his goal was to maximise. The Sweet 26 Chev SS is sponsored by Handford Plumbing Services, Narellan Pools, Linmac Automotive, Burson’s Autoparts, Toowoomba Steering and Suspension, L Cleaning Service, DTS, Ash Media, Page Race Engines, Terry Austin Smash Repairs, DePool Shop, Scott’s FRP, GW Racing.

Race Results:

Heat One: Darren Kane A1, Sam Roza 77, Craig Hammond 2, Nicholas O’Keeffe2 20, Bob McCosker 39, Carter Armstrong 35, Gavin Northfield 15, Zac Pascoe 51, Tim O’Shea 6. Time 3:00.664. Winning Margin 1.352. Fastest Lap Sam Roza 17.558.

Heat Two: Sean Black 26, Gary Pagel 5, Steve Jordan 7, Justin Smithwick 63, Trent Wilson 44, Josh McLaren 96, Hayden Brims 111, Brendon Kelly 84, Ray Lane 5. Time 2:57.573. Winning Margin 2.606. Fastest Lap Sean Black 17.296.

Heat Three: Gavin Northfield 15, Gary Pagel 5, Sean Black 26, Steve Jordan 7, Trent Wilson 44, Tim O’Shea 6, Nicholas O’Keeffe 20, Ray Lane 5. Time 5:11.957. Winning Margin 0.268. Fastest Lap Sean Black 17.971.

Heat Four: Sam Roza 77, Darren Kane Aus1, Carter Armstrong 35, Zac Pascoe 51, Hayden Brims 111, Josh McLaren 96, Justin Smithwick 63, Craig Hammond 2, Bob McCosker 39, Brendon Kelly 84. Time 4:56.262. Winning Margin 0.513. Fastest Lap Darren Kane 17.782.

Heat Five: Nicholas O’Keeffe 20, Sam Roza 77, Sean Black 26, Bob McCosker 39, Hayden Brims 111, Darren Kane Aus 1, Zac Pascoe 51, Tim O’Shea 6, Brendon Kelly 84. Time 4:44.645. Winning Margin 0.298. Fastest Lap Nicholas O’Keeffe 17.214.

Heat Six: Trent Wilson 44, Josh McLaren 96, Justin Smithwick 63, Steve Jordan 7, Carter Armstrong 35, Gary Pagel 5, Gavin Northfield `5, Craig Hammond 2. Time 3:01.127. Winning Margin 0.243. Fastest Lap Trent Wilson 17.604.

Feature: Sam Roza 77, Trent Wilson 44, Sean Black 26, Zac Pascoe 51, Josh McLaren 96, Bob McCosker 39, Justin Smithwick 63, Gavin Northfield 15, Brendon Kelly 84, Hayden Brims 111, Carter Armstrong 35 (19), Nicholas O’Keeffe 20 (18), Gary Pagel 5 (17), Darren Kane Aus 1 (13), Steve Jordan 7 (0), Craig Hammond 2 (18).  Time 20:08.142. Winning Margin 2.239. Fastest Lap Sam Roza 17.459.

McCosker Contracting Super Sedan Series is also proudly supported by:

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