Street Stock Back At The Bridge

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Street Stocks return to the Murray Machining and Sheds Speedway, Murray Bridge, on Saturday night, with a good field entered.

Fifteen drivers will take part on a night which also includes Junior Sedans, with many of the drivers entered, having competed on opening night, three weeks ago.

The field includes, Darren Flatman, Nigel Reichstein, Carey Weston and Paul Hayes to name a few, along with a trio of Buchanans.

Flatman did not have the best of runs at the opening night of Murray Bridge, and is hoping Saturday night things will be different. We played with the rear end and the changes did not work, so hopefully we are back to standard now and will have some more drive. Hopefully we have also fixed the fireworks that was going on with the very bad engine miss fire, with a faulty relay causing it, Flatman said.

Racing commences at 5.00pm CDST


S0 Moss Buchanan
S2 Anthony Buchanan
S7 Craig Buchanan
S8 Paul Hayes
S9 Andrew Hardacre
S12 Darren Flatman
S14 Nigel Reichstein
S17 Carey Weston
S19 Phil Watson
S22 Tony Prideaux
S55 Matt Maynard
S62 Trae Ballantyne
S66 Keenan Richards
S86 Bailey Heinrich
S101 Ashlee McEwin

Darren Flatman hoping to perform much better on Saturday night. Photo courtesy of Linda Savage.