Steele Stands Strong In Thriller

by | Jun 2, 2019 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Long time Modified Sedan competitor Jeff Steele held strong in front of his home town crowd to lead every lap of the WA Modified Sedan Title and grab his first win in the event.

Steele started from pole position in the thirty five lap feature and raced away to a huge lead, then survived two green, white, chequer restarts to grab the coveted WA Title.

As the race went green Steele led into the opening turns being chased hard by fellow local and former two time WA Modified Sedan Champion Mick Johnson, while youngster Branden Fraser was in third.
Steele would build up a gap over Johnson while Fraser was left to contend with yet another Broome driver in Ray Clifton who was also looking for a way through.

Fraser managed to get clear and began looking for a way through, using the inside line to his advantage on lap six to squeeze by for second.

Clifton, who was still on Frasers tail, attempted to follow him through by Johnson was able to close that move down while up front Steele had broken out to a four second lead.

By lap ten Steeles gap was over five seconds, Fraser also pulling away from third placed Clifton, who had also managed to get by Johnson on lap ten.

A lap later Steele made his first passes through lapped traffic. When Fraser also moved into traffic it allowed Steele to get even further in front while Clifton then began making his moves, closing on Fraser and looking for his own way through.

By lap twenty his lead was just under six seconds and found himself with a pile of lapped cars in front of him to deal with.

Craig Francis became the first car to retire on lap twenty four as Peter Fraser continued to circulate up high with an ailing car.

Coming up to thirty laps completed, Steele continued to work his way through traffic with ease, getting up behind fifth placed Rick Musarra while third placed Ray Clifton became the second to retire infield.

Not long after the yellows finally came on for Peter Fraser who had been circulating for many laps up high and did not head infield, setting up a green, white, chequer restart, at which point Steele had been over 7 seconds ahead.

The field lined up for the first restart of the race with eight cars still running, but it did not last long as Derbys Shayne Doust rolled heavily in turn three, hitting the catch fence and tearing a portion down.

He was out and ok, and after a short delay the race resumed once again.

Second placed Branden Fraser and third placed Johnson went side by side upon the resumption, Fraser then lunging under Steele but couldn�t quite get it done despite a hectic last lap where Fraser threw everything at Steele.

In a race to the line Steele held strong and got the win in front of a highly appreciative crowd. Branden Fraser held on for second with Johnson third, while Rick Musarra was fourth as the last car on the lead lap while Jack McAuley was fifth. Steve Lockhart and Shane Dubberlin rounded out the finishers.

Congratulations to all drivers and officials, as well as the Broome Speedway for putting on another great show, with focus now shifting to next years Title to be held at Kalgoorlie Speedway next February.

Modified Sedan Feature, 35 laps: 1. W91 Jeff Steele, 2. W32 Mick Johnson, 3. W73 Ray Clifton, 4. W2 Branden Fraser, 5. W21 Rick Musarra, 6. W15 Peter Fraser, 7. W96 Jack McAuley, 8. W45 Steve Lockhart, 9. W13 Shane Dubberlin, 10. W78 Shayne Doust, 11. W23 Craig Francis, 12. W22 Brett Mills, 13. WA1 Anthony King.
1. W91 Jeff Steele, 2. W2 Branden Fraser, 3. W32 Mick Johnson, 4. W21 Rick Musarra, 5. W96 Jack McAuley (34), 6. W45 Steve Lockhart (34), 7. W13 Shane Dubberlin (32). DNF: W78 Shayne Doust (32), W15 Peter Fraser (27), W73 Ray Clifton (29), W23 Craig Francis (24). DNS: WA1 Anthony King, W22 Brett Mills. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.393. Fastest Lap: 19.834 W91 Jeff Steele.