by | Jul 10, 2022 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Image by Jon Gall

Western Australian Street Stock Champion Damon Lyall has dominated the 35th Annual Far Western Championships at the Oakley Earthworks Shark Bay Speedway in Western Australia.

Lyall won three out of the four races contested on the day for Street Stocks, as he lead the fifteen lap main event from start to finish in his McCorry Brown Earthmoving Ford Falcon.

Damon Lyall crossed the line nearly ten seconds clear of his younger brother Trent Lyall with David Linthorne and Ryan Penfold the only other drivers to finish on the lead lap.

Just seven cars greeted the chequer flag in the race that went green to chequer without a stoppage in front of a big school holiday crowd at the daytime venue.

Street Stocks are set to be apart of the 36th Annual Far Western Championships in July 2023.

Official Result

SSA Street Stocks A Main, 15 Laps- 1. WA1 Damon Lyall, 2. W3 Trent Lyall, 3. W19 David Linthorne, 4. W12 Ryan Penfold, 5. W2 Lachlan Gunning (14), 6. W172 Jim McGorman (14), 7. W11 Matt Rowland (13). DNF: W8 Andrew Andreoli (10), W70 Scott Hunter (9), W31 Bryan Riddick (2), W92 Matt Holland (2). DNS: W55 Jace Kempton. Total Time: 4.58.680. Winning Margin: 9.786. Fastest Lap: 19.263 WA1 Damon Lyall.