by | Mar 5, 2022 | SSA Super Sedans, WA

Image by Nkc Photography

Three Time Western Australian Super Sedan Champion Gary “Dusty” Higgs has claimed victory this afternoon at the Mount Barker Speedway in the annual Super Sedan Classic.

Higgs aboard his Marri Park Tavern Sweet went through the heat race competition undefeated before leading all twenty laps in the main event in the race meeting that doubled as Round Five of the 2021/2022 WA Super Sedan Summer Series.

Pleasant sunny weather greeted competitors at the daytime venue with the Super Sedans taking part in a street parade held in the main street of Mount Barker earlier in the day.

Adyme Harvey enjoyed a solid days racing to qualify on the front row with Higgs with state champion leading the early laps.

Harvey spun on lap two falling back to fourth with Ajay Hammer bringing on the yellow lights when she brought her Aylmore Motors Rocket to a stop on lap three after running inside the top five.

Kyle Larson & Adyme Harvey had a great battle for third for many laps with the Higgs beginning to work his way through the lap traffic by the halfway mark of the race.

Mount Barker Speedway Club President Tony St Jack brought his Insane Chassis to a stop in the middle of the back straight on with five laps remaining which would be second and final stoppage of the race.

Higgs would control the final laps to lead home Busselton’s Kevin Bell, Kyle Larson, Harvey with local Nathan Thiele rounding out the top five.

Super Sedan racing in Western Australia will now have a short break ahead of the 2nd annual Bert Vosbergen Memorial to be held at Attwell Park Speedway in Albany at Easter.

Official Results of the 2022 Mount Barker Super Sedan Classic.

Heat One, Ten Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W10 Kyle Larson, 3. W46 Ajay Hammer, 4. W78 Dean Trotter, 5. W19 Bryce Fisher, DNF W9 Kemble Aylett (8),

Heat Two, Ten Laps- 1. W63 Tony St Jack, 2. W88 Adyme Harvey, 3. W5 Kevin Bell, 4. W25 Nathan Thiele, DNF W96 Steve Larson (2), W68 Rob Knox (1).

Heat Three, Ten Laps- 1. W5 Kevin Bell, 2. W46 Ajay Hammer, 3. W9 Kemble Aylett, 4. W78 Dean Trotter, 5. W96 Steve Larson, DNF W25 Nathan Thiele (8).

Heat Four, Ten Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W10 Kyle Larson, 3. W88 Adyme Harvey, 4. W19 Bryce Fisher, 5. W68 Rob Knox, 6. W63 Tony St Jack.

Heat Five, Ten Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W25 Nathan Thiele, 3. W46 Ajay Hammer, 4. W10 Kyle Larson, 5. W68 Rob Knox, 6. W78 Dean Trotter.

Heat Six, Ten Laps- 1. W88 Adyme Harvey, 2. W5 Kevin Bell, 3. W63 Tony St Jack, 4. W9 Kemble Aylett, 5. W96 Steve Larson, 6. W19 Bryce Fisher.

A Main, Twenty Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W5 Kevin Bell, 3. W10 Kyle Larson, 4. W88 Adyme Harvey, 5. W25 Nathan Thiele, 6. W96 Steve Larson (19), 7. W78 Dean Trotter (19), 8. W68 Rob Knox (19), 9. W46 Ajay Hammer (19), 10. W19 Bryce Fisher (18), DNF W63 Tony St Jack (14), W9 Kemble Aylett (10).

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