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Official Release 24th January 2024

In light of recent events at the Junior Sedan National Title, Speedway Sedans Australia (SSA) would like to clarify the events, and reaffirm the decisions made regarding the specification breach and penalty given to car N51, after Heat 21.

Car N51 was called for post race checks after the completion of Heat 21, and as a result was found to not have a locked diff as per the SSA Junior Sedan Specification Manual (Jan 2024), Section 8. Transmission/Driveline (8.d),

“The differential must be locked. Differential pinion angle to remain O.E.M. standard for make and model”.

In regard to the diff not being locked at the time, investigation was carried out as to the means of determining if a locked diff had indeed failed, that is, was clearly due to a driveshaft failure in some way and/or what type of OEM differential may have been installed at the said time of the event.

Due to the above investigation and finding, car N51 was excluded from Heat 21 and therefore no points were awarded.

This penalty was in line with previous opportunities given to competitors to rectify issues with their cars that did not meet specifications on both days of pre race checks, as well as penalties handed down at the event where other competitors were also disqualified from their given race with points removed for breaches that included:

SSA Junior Sedan Specification Manual (Jan 2024), Section 10. Suspension (10.a),

“All arms, rods, struts, spring shackles and sway bars must remain standard and function as manufactured as per the manufacturer for make/model/series and body variant being used unless otherwise specified.”

SSA Junior Sedan Specification Manual (Jan 2024), Section 10. Suspension (10d),

“Adjustable coil-spring perches on front or rear strut tubes OEM or otherwise are NOT permitted.”

Speedway Australia Racing Rules and Regulations, Section 16. Safety Apparel.


Speedway Australia Racing Rules and Regulations, Section 7. Verbal and physical abuse (7.2.2.).

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the Speedway Australia Social Media Policy, including Appendix 3, 7.6.6.

While positive participation in online social media is encouraged, breaching the code of conduct or bringing the sport into disrepute online can lead to serious consequences.

This will include abusive messages sent to the SSA via our Facebook or other social media, all of which are managed by our valued SSA media team and NOT any of the officials/scrutineers by which decisions at race events are made.

It is unfortunate that these events occurred over the weekend, however Speedway Sedans Australia values the input and perspectives of all parties, and aim to continue working in a manner that preserves the integrity of our sport and the rules and regulations that govern it.

Should there be any further comments, please direct them to your appropriate state personnel.

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