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by | Dec 20, 2019 | NSW, SSA Modified Sedans


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Author : Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Speedway Sedans Australia are set to explode when Modified Sedans and Production Sedans return to Valvoline Raceway in Sydney during Ultimate Sydney Speedweek Series.

Modified Sedans will contest the Sydney City Slam that doubles as the New South Wales Title on 28 & 30 December. While the Production Sedans will battle it out in the Harbour City Hustle on 1 January 2020.

A wonderful list of drivers have nominated from all parts of the eastern seaboard. The current Australian Modified Sedan Champion Kye Walters is joined by current Queensland Champion Tim Weir, current Kings Royal champion Aidan Raymont, current Victoria Champion Daniel Simpson along with Tickford Racings Cameron Waters who returns to the seat of the Travis Shore owned Falcon. The current Australian Production Sedan champion Joel Berkley heads an impressive field of over thirty drivers including former national champions Trevor Mills and Stephen Laidlaw.

There will be no allocated scrutineering times, however SSNSW will erect a large marque in the pits for scrutineering and will commence from approx. 12pm each day. Drivers will be able to get into the pits all day. Those arriving the day prior to camp in the pits, are advised to contact the speedway office on (02) 9637 0411 to ensure someone is there to let you into the venue. SSA Sedans will be parking up the top section of the pits on the grass.

Drivers Briefing will be at approx. 3:30pm each day with racing commencing at 4pm.

For more information about the venue, check out

Here are the final list of nominations in both divisions.

Modified Sedans (44)

A1 Kye Walters
Q1 Tim Weir
V1 Daniel Simpson
Q3 Allan Nash
ACT3 Greg Stevenson
V4 Brock Atkins
Q5 Richard Cook
V6 Peter McCarthy
V7 Justin Drew
N7 Adam Lloyd
N10 Trevor Mills
V11 Jack Ramsdale
AV11 Jeff Leahy
V14 Matt Gerlach
Q15 Tim Atkin
N15 Max Clarke
V15 Ricky Cornwall
V16 Cameron Waters
V17 Brad Wicks
V18 Jacob Drewett
V19 David Smith
N24 Gerry Flood
Q24 David Head
Q27 Shane MacDonald
N27 Robert Nelson
Q28 Aidan Raymont
V32 Brody Chrystie
Q32 Nathan MacDonald
Q33 Kent Shelford
V36 Todd Atkins
V37 Andrew Dike
V45 Calvin Watts
N45 Brad Wise
N47 Steven Quirk
ACT47 Daniel Patton
Q54 Mick Shelford
Q59 Darran Lester
V61 Matt Nelson
ACT75 Shane Murphy
N77 Dave Clapson
V87 Aaron Bunton
V94 Rachel Pratt
Q108 Alex Sweeney
Q111 Peter White

Production Sedans (31)

A1 Joel Berkley
N5 Scott Hawkins
Q5 Richard Cook
N6 Bruce McKenzie
N9 Kiel Rosevear
N10 Trevor Mills
N16 Alex Cheney
N17 Rodney Anderson
ACT19 Monique Bailey
N19 Matt Hutchison
ACT23 Damien McAlister
V26 Gemma Laidlaw
N27 Robert Nelson
N28 Wes Barnes
NX28 Stephen Brencher
N29 Chris Warnock
Q30 Brad Scherer
V31 Stephen Laidlaw
ACT32 Craig McAlister
Q41 Kyle Rolands
N49 Johnny Ralph
V58 Brendan Harper
N65 Stuart Fawcett
N71 Mark Quirk
ACT71 Sean Rabbite
N81 Darren Dalton
N88 Lindsay Manning
N91 Chris Blyton
ACT91 Terry Mulach
N96 Ryan Green
V98 Raymond Usher

On behalf of Speedway Sedans New South Wales and the Made Too Group who operate the Sydney venue, we would like to sincerely thank all the drivers and crews for supporting this initiative. Everyone really appreciates the support and is looking forward to showcasing SSA sedans in Sydney over the peak period in front of a massive audience both at the venue an internationally via Dirt Vision.

For everyone travelling on the roads, please travel safely and we will see you all in Sydney.

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