by | Feb 18, 2021 | QLD, SSA Production Sedans

Image by 44 Photography

The 10th Annual SSA Production Sedans QLD State Title field has been finalised by Speedway Sedans Queensland with a staggering fifty six nominations received for the one night event to be held at the McCosker Rocky Speedway on Saturday 27th February 2021.

Supported by the Frenchville Sports Club the title returns to the Rockhampton showgrounds for just the second time in the events history as Gympie’s Chris Pagel looks to try and defend the title against a mighty impressive line up.

South East and Central Queensland has become a real “hot bed” for SSA Production Sedans of late and the size of the field for the QLD State Title underlines the popularity of the class at present in the region.

Current National and New South Wales champion Joel Berkley will look to win the QLD State Title for the first time and has been the form driver in the state this season aboard his Ford Falcon.

Richard Cook enjoyed a strong win at Bundaberg this past Saturday Night with the field littered with potential winners including 2019 QLD Champion Josh Harm from Kingaroy.

The Entry List for the 2020/2021 Frenchville Sports Club SSA Production Sedans QLD State Title


G2 Chris Pagel (Q1)
A1 Joel Berkley
L81 Matthew Layton (NSW)
RK31 Murray Batley
CR96 Amy Evans
RK67 Tony Wust
RK41 Matt Thomas
RK23 Matthew Storer
RK21 Brad Petersen
BB7 Andrew Beaton
BB39 Moz Woodrow
RK63 Beau Smithwick
L55 Jack Graham (NSW)
GL10 David Mohr
SB26 Nic Bleys
RK14 Bradey Hore
RK12 Damien Arnold
RK51 Harry Doyle
SC23 Adrian Stott
RK7 Bryan Owen
M63 Brayden Pacey
Gl71 Shawn Ingham
B59 Darran Lester
RK83 John Roycroft
L65 Stuart Fawcett (NSW)
GL05 Nick Cook
RK8 Tony Owen
BB30 Brad Scherer
M10 Russell Cowley
GL15 Richard Cook
RK2 Michael Johnson
RK22 Scott Black
BB22 Zac Harris
M23 Dylan Keen
SB11 Josh Harm
RK78 Bailey Barnicoat
BW8 Michael Larson
GL61 Ricky Ingham
SC61 Jim Cowley
M27 Paul O’Neill
G10 Daniel Henshaw
RK46 Kory Jennings
SB88 Nathan Barbeler
G97 Rory Evans
SB44 Mitchell Bleys
G17 Neil Keldoulis
RK3 Ryley Haynes
SC28 Stephen Freeman
RK18 DJ Lennon
SB22 Charlotte Christensen
RK11 Chris Annison
SC36 Sarah Franz
G6 Rick Hazelgrove
RK71 Kev Young
BB26 Gary Harris Jnr
SB7 Travis Hutchison