Official Release- Wednesday 8th August 2022

Speedway Sedans Australia are pleased to announce that applications for the very successful “SSA-Go” Travel fund have now opened in readiness for the 2022/2023 season.

With the support of Speedway Australia, Speedway Sedans Australia have been able to distribute $30K of funding the last two years with the 2022/2023 season the third year of the $90k program.

SSA-Go in simple terms is a travel funding program made available to all SSA competitors (SSA-Registered Cars) to compete interstate, a one off payment up to $500.00 for competitors travelling more than 2000kms by road and for competitors who may wish to travel to and from Tasmania for competition, SSA-Go funding is available to assist in shipping across Bass Straight.

“SSA-Go” Key Criteria

– SSA-Go Travel Fund is available for Speedway Sedans Australia Inc registered car owners and competitiors who wish to compete interstate.

– SSA-Go Travel Fund will be for road travel more than two thousand kilometres per event or travel to and from Tasmania in assisting those shipping associated costs for Bass Straight travel.

– SSA-Go Travel Fund applications will be up to a maximum of $500.00 per application. One application per year only is permitted per competitor and/or car owner. All applications will be submitted on the correct SSA-Go Travel Fund application form and emailed to the nominated email address on the form.

 -SSA-Go Travel Fund will only be paid to applicants where the competition event is being held at a Speedway Australia Track Scheme listed venue. All competitors competing must be the holder of a current Speedway Australia Competition Licence.

-Funding will be paid only after the event and travel has been completed into the applicants nominated bank account. Enough evidence of attendance and participation will be required prior to all payments being finalised.

Speedway Sedans Australia looks forward to receiving applications from competitors around the country in anticipation of a strong summer season for the sport.

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