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Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Victoria.

Saturday night played a major role in the future of Speedway Sedans Victoria following the inaugural SSV Awards Night.

Ballarat Golf Club played host to the event which incorporated the Street Stocks Victoria and Victorian Production Sedan series awards.

Guests arriving in style were greeted by an impeccably decorated ball room with photo opportunities all courtesy of Louise at Napier Photography. The SSV team of Kellie, Julie and so many others undertook extensive work In preparing to set the tone just right.

SSV President Rod Meakins invited Liam Aunger, who is the SSV Media and Commentary representative to emcee the event which included an extensively experienced guest speaker in Bruce Williams.

Williams who is one of the anchors at Auto Action Magazine, Australia’s premier Motorsport magazine. In presentation with Liam, Bruce offered an incredible insight into the world of all things Auto Action, self and club promotion, along with a power of advice on taking our sport further in our own hands.

Aunger then invited forward, pioneer of the Victorian Production Sedan series Kenneth Mankey to award recipients of the Southern and Northern series, along with the overall series champion. Trevor Mills wrapped up the Southern side of things, with Jaiden Healey taking out the north. Mills did enough across both electorates to be crowned the overall champion as well.

Zoey Salau was a well recieved award winner of the Best Presented Team in the Production Sedan Series with the Swan Hill #52 team. While the most consistent driver competing in all rounds was Jack Bear who was also third in the Southern Series.

Full results are as seen below.



• 1st Corowa 10 Trevor Mills

• 2nd Leeton 24 Danny Harrison

• 3rd Corowa 19 Jack Bear


• 1st Portland NSW 29 Jaiden Healey

• 2nd Leeton 5 Scott Hawkins

• 3rd Leeton 27 Wayne Bourke


• 1st Corowa 10 Trevor Mills

• 2nd Rosedale 30 Stephen Laidlaw

• 3rd Corowa 19 Jack Bear

• 4th Swan Hill 52 Zoey Salau

• 5th Leeton 27 Wayne Bourke


Swan Hill 52 Zoey Salau


Corowa 19 Jack Bear

Following a wonderful meal courtesy of Ballarat Golf Club, Aunger welcomed Chris Hay, the Street Stock representative and caretaker of the series to present their award winners with the silverware.

Dale Morrison secured the Coastal Series honours in the Alexandra 13, whilst Steve Watts in the Warrnambool 5 was dominant in the Northern Chapter. Watts would secure enough to also secure the overall series victory.

Best Presented Team would be awarded to Jayden Blomeley and the Ballarat 62 team. With most consistent being a pair of winners seeing Dale Morrison and Tim Hutchinson take these honours.

Full results as seen below:



• 1st Alexandra 13 Dale Morrison

• 2nd Ballarat 62 Jayden Blomeley

• 3rd Nyora 4 Morris Ahearn


• 1st Warrnambool 5 Steve Watts

• 2nd Nyora 4 Morris Ahearn

• 3rd Daylesford 88 Tim Hutchinson


• 1st Warrnambool 5 Steve Watts

• 2nd Nyora 4 Morris Ahearn

• 3rd Alexandra 13 Dale Morrison

• 4th Daylesford 88 Tim Hutchinson

• Equal 5th Colac 4 Dean Jenkins

• Equal 5th Alexandra 94 Tyler Barton


Jayden Blomeley


Alexandra 13 Dale Morrison and Daylesford 88 Tim Hutchinson

Dessert was served before the first of the People’s awards were presented by Aunger and Rod Meakins. Luke Brown a long term and widely respected member of the SSV was awarded first of all with the Volunteer of the year documenting his love for the sport of Speedway and his love for his supportive Speedway family that allow him to give back in a powerful way.

Track of the Year was next to be awarded with the team at Western Speedway Hamilton both proud and surprised to take home the honour. The track underwent extensive developments over the season and played host to the biggest events on the calendar and emerged as a widely generated success.

Club of the year was awarded to the family based team out of the Wangaratta Motorsports Club with Felicity Roycroft taking on spokesperson duties for the club, outlining their willingness to thrive in the family ran environment back home and leap into an even more reputable season next year with the addition of state title events to play out on the big stage.

Event of the Year would have been hard pressed if the Premier Speedway Warrnambool team and the Dual Title weekend of Modified Sedans and Street Stocks weren’t atop the list. Premier CEO Michael Parry was present to accept the honour and speak of the heartfelt success and prestige that this weekend held fitting near on 150 cars in the pit area over the course of the event.

The next award of acknowledgement was was gifted to a pair of people and a business name absolutely synonymous with Speedway in Victoria. Russell and Sara Hill from Ramsdale Wreckers are continually committed to giving back to Speedway in the form of sponsorship, advice and mateship to so many cars, teams and associations particularly in their naming rights sponsorship of the SSA Victorian Modified Sedan and Street Stock Title.

Most Improved track could have gone to a number of venues again this season, however Timmis Speedway Mildura just tipped the scales with their remarkable works that have powered Timmis extensively into the future of Speedway Australia track ratings. President Geoff Fell accepted the award and was sure to add that the track is far from over in terms of development and safety features and will continue these over the coming years.

Senior Driver of the year holds much prestige in the world of Speedway so this award required a driver of equal prestige to fill the shoes of this. Newly Crowned Victorian Modified Sedan champion Brad Wicks was a perfect match for team with his on track and off efforts to bolster his team, family and supporters to set the benchmark that SSV Strive for. Wicks shared fond memories of his career highlight Victorian Title victory and the character building that came with an up and down season for him and the team.

The Junior Driver of the year was equally as fitting with River Paterson who travelled an incredible distance over the season and took home some of the biggest of crowns in his division. River spoke profoundly and graciously of his family and sponsor’s support throughout the season as he accepted the award, already chasing a bigger and stronger next year.

The SSV Ambassador awards would begin to bring a close to the night with this award entailing a driver that doesn’t necessarily base on results, but embodies all of the characteristics including sportsmanship, loyalty, respect, professionalism and an all round commendable being in our community.

River Paterson would recieve back to back awards following the Junior Driver of the year to also recieve the Junior Top Stars Ambassador.

Axel Robinson was an ecstatic victory of the Junior New Stars division with a speech that captivated the audience beautifully. Robinson spoke of his joy when getting told he was able to race a junior sedan after graduating from quarter midgets, to racing with his best mates and thanking family and sponsor’s individually for making his 2023/24 campaign a success.

In the Street Stock Division, Morris Ahearn who is an icon of Social Media for Street Stocks and an always immaculate racecar and team was awarded with the Street Stock Ambassador.

Modified Sedans would see the long serving and incredibly respected Graham West and his iconic LJ Torana taking home this award. After recieving life membership with the Victorian Modified Sedan Association 2 weeks ago, West was able to add an SSV award to the list.

Super Sedan official Rookie, Brock Atkins has already done a power of work for his division despite only spending a couple years now in one since stepping over from Modified Sedans as a National champion. Atkins worked with his brother Todd and sponsor’s to bring American driver Jesse Sobbing out to drive their family car in Australia bringing massive light to their journey.

Veteran of Production Sedans and all round gentlemen of the Division Stephen Laidlaw was fittingly awarded with the Production Sedan mantle dedicating his successes to family and close friends and sponsor’s in an emotional tribute and receivership.

Rounding out the night were two awards that are dear to the hearts of many in the inner sanctum of SSV. The President’s award issued by Rod Meakins is a culmination of hard work, respect, reliability and an all round bigger picture type attitude that Kenneth Mankey has in droves. Kenny sold his own racecar to further put his love of Speedway into an official role giving up his fun of driving himself to put others before himself and dedicate the most part of his day to his sport. Kenny despite having a tendency to shed a tear or two, was fairly stable and incredibly gracious of the friends and family he’s made in Speedway.

The final award of the night was a complete shock for the recipient as this Lady had planned out most of the night but was able to be finessed away from the fact that Kellie Atkins was awarded with a Life Membership to the SSV. Kellie who has never been big on accepting awards was warm in having her entire family present to soak up the night with and always seeing the bigger picture in setting up SSV for a wonderful and prosperous future.

This would conclude the final of the awards throughout the night with the guests sticking around to soak up eachothers company and share a racing story and beverage or two. The inaugural event has been widely regarded as a major hit and will look to form a vital part to wrap up a race season in the future.

All images courtesy of Napier photography will have a full gallery to come available via her website or Facebook page.