by | Oct 9, 2020 | NT, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

In what is a sight that many didn’t think we would see in 2020, Speedway Sedan racing returns to the Northline Speedway for one night only this Saturday.

The local Darwin Junior Sedans club have been very proactive in getting the race meeting up and going in the top end as they look to build local numbers in anticipation of a big 2021 season.

Darwin’s Justin Brumfield has enjoyed a strong season racing at Katherine and will start favourite in the SSA Street Stocks with gates opening at 3pm.


SSA Junior Sedans (15)

NT4 Zackery Czoloszynski
NT5 Deagan Sherwood
NT7 Rawidi Mulhall
NT15 Scarlett Sherwood
NT22 Caiden Weaver
NT25 Bailey Jones
NT27 Taj George
NT43 River Spitzbarth
NT45 Morgan Cavenagh
NT64 Seth Lock
NT65 Isaiah Strong
NT66 Maddi Edge
NT74 Jake Park
NT87 Jordan Cavenagh
NT99 Harrison Turnbull

SSA Street Stocks (9)

NT5 Justin Brumfield
NT24 Rob Lock
NT25 Benjamin Blatchford
NT43 Ciarra Parry
NT44 Meagan Henderson
NT55 Scott Bradbury
NT62 Alan Spence
NT69 Samantha Radford
NT74 Michelle Gill