by | Apr 7, 2022 | SA, SSA Street Stocks

Image by Grant Schwartzkopff

The 2022 SSA Street Stock South Australian State Title is on the card this Saturday Night at the Whyalla Speedway located in the Western part of the state.

Twenty six entries have been received for the event including current Northern Territory Champion Justin Brumfield from Darwin and Jack Yates who also hails from the top end.

Two Time State Champion Steve Gartner from Mount Gambier won the first of his two titles at the Whyalla venue back in 2019 with former state champion Mark Jennings also in the field.

Nigel Reichstein, Bailey Heinrich, Jayden Edwards along with Drew Flatman in the Mitsubishi Magna all loom as potential winners this Saturday Night.

Competitors will contest a round of the MJS Street Stock Series on the Friday Night with SSA Super Sedans also on the program.

Nominations (26)

S2 Anthony Buchanan
S3 Keith Moore
NT5 Justin Brumfield
S6 Grant Harris
S7 Craig Buchanan
S12 Darren Flatman
S14 Nigel Reichstein
NT15 Jack Yates
S18 Jason Duell
S21 Mark Jennings
S22 Tony Prideaux
S25 Mark Gartner
S27 Paige Gwynne
S32 Steve Gartner
S33 Bryan Brown
S36 Adrian Jones
S43 Jason Gantz
S49 Aaron Tyler
S59 Haydon Jolly
S63 Angelo Karoussis
S86 Bailey Heinrich
S87 Jayden Edwards 
S91 Darren Brumfield
S112 Drew Flatman
S123 Denis Knowles 
S152 Michael Brown